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How to place an order

To place an order simply add your preferred item to your shopping cart, choose a shipping method, enter the necessary information and then complete the purchase. You can pay by credit card, Paypal or direct bank transfer via Sofort, once you agree to intOndo Terms and Conditions.

What happens afterwards

The Seller receives the order notification and if the product is available, proceeds with the shipment to the address that you indicate at the conclusion of the order. In case of pick-up, you’ll receive the Seller details to schedule it.  If this is not available you will receive a notification of unavailability within 3 days of purchase and you will not be charged any fees.

Ask the seller

It will always be possible to ask Sellers questions about their items: we ask you to avoid sharing your contacts with Sellers, as this exchange would compromise the sustainability of our platform.

Buyers protection

We strongly advise you to inspect the items as soon as they are delivered: this will avoid surprises and possibly make a return within the timeframe provided for by the regulations.

If you see a damage once you receive the box please accept with reserve.
In order to protect Buyers, we do not make payment to Sellers until after the end of the period in which you can request a return or when the order is completed by the Buyer.

Delivery method and cost

The method of shipping varies from item to item depending on the options offered by sellers and size of the item: the price is therefore not standard. We ship to Italy with predefined prices; to ship abroad ask a quotation through the form in the item.


It will always be possible to request a return within 14 days from delivery of the item: the shipping costs are payed by the Buyer, assuming that the Seller has delivered the item in good condition.

The reasons for the return may therefore be:

- damaged or broken item: you will be refunded

- object not in accordance with the description: anything that evaluates the non-conformity on the basis of photos, videos, etc... If there is non-conformity, you will be refunded.

- dissatisfaction: you have 14 days from delivery to return the item. You are responsible for the return shipping costs.

We don’t accept return after pickup at the Seller’s shop.

Please note that the items must be returned in case of perfect packaging to avoid damage.

How to cancel your order

The customer has 24h to cancel an order so that no shipping costs are charged writing to

Once the shipping process is started, you will be charged as in the case of a return.

Shipping Issues

In case of problems with shipping and damage, please write us as soon as possible, sending First name, Last name, subject, date of purchase, photo and description of the problem, for quick resolution.

Item price and value

intOndo is a marketplace, therefore a platform that puts Buyers and Sellers in touch, simplifying the meeting.

Prices are set by Sellers in a discretionary manner but we encourage the inclusion of prices in line with market values of the item.

Item condition

We sell selected second-hand items with a story inherent in the item itself. The conditions are established by the Seller and any defects are indicated in the description to avoid surprises to the Buyer.

We classify the items in 6 categories according to the state they are in:

  • Excellent (restored) - The item has been recently restored and is in excellent condition

  • Excellent - The item is in excellent condition and doesn't show any trace of aging.

  • Very good - The item is in very good general condition, but shows minimal damage or scratches in line with its age

  • Good - The item is in good condition, but carries visible damages or scratches on the surface.

  • Worn - The item is visibly damaged and needs restauration. intOndo usually accept item in this condition when the price is really convenient.

  • New - the item has never been used.

 We recommend that you ask the Vendor for clarification if anything is unclear.

Your profile

Within your profile, you'll have the option to insert a photo and a short description of yourself, receive notifications and messages, follow your favourite Sellers, save items in your Favourite List and create your Collections.

Shipping Methods

Shipment costs are paid by the Buyer.

The Seller may arrange the shipment directly with it’s own courier/vector or through intOndo that will send the courier at the Seller’s pickup address.

In any case, we recommend insured shipping. We also allow pickup on site.


How to make an offer

To make an offer you have to click on the button "Make an offer" and insert the price you want to offer to the Seller for the item (shipping fee excluded). You'll find the item in the cart and you could choose the shipping method, insert your data and complete your offer making the payment. intOndo suggests a 10%-20% discount which will likely be accepted by the Seller.

If the Seller set a reserve price and your offer is higher, your offer will be automatically accepted. 

If your offer is lower than reserve price or if there's no reserve price, the offer will be forwarded to the Seller who will accept or decline discreationally.