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Wooden sculpture of a futurist machine Locomotive by Urano Palma, 1950s

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Wooden sculpture representing a futurist machine made in 1956 by Urano Palma. Title of the work Locomotive. The sculpture is made of carved and assembled wood. The work is a beautiful set of furniture that evokes the Italian Futurist period. Under the statue is the artist's certificate. Urano Palma was born in Varese in 1936. Wandering around various Italian cities, with his ear to the artistic avant-garde, he settled in Milan, where he got to know great artists including Lucio Fontana. In over fifty years of his career, Urano Palma has held exhibitions in Germany (Ulm, Munich, Düsseldorf), France, Spain, the United States and recently in Korea, where he was chosen, along with eight other sculptors to represent Italy at the Seoul Olympics, with a work in cast iron, which is currently in the Permanent Museum of Contemporary Art. Urano Palma has also been involved in design since 1960. He creates furniture-sculptures, using various materials: wood, stone, bronze, crystal and aluminium. Urano, who has made the uniqueness of his "tarred" works a great artistic expression, has made himself famous for sofas, armchairs, chairs in raw wood Urano is an artist of the world and in the world: he is present in 7 international museums and is an example of ingenious and functional sculpture that reflects his vitality, his culture and his delightful blasé taste that enchants any environment, from the most refined to the most humble. His taste for provocation is sincere and it is not an urban fable that the coffin he keeps in his house symbolises that he is not even afraid of death, which he considers to be an adventure that he will carry out with extreme, lordly detachment as he has always lived and lives his life.

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