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Drawing in sanguine of Allegory of Purity by an anonymous author, 17th century

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Anonymous. Lombardy, 17th century. Allegory of Purity Sanguine measurements: mm 140 x 134 Through a bold foreshortening from bottom to top, a bare-breasted woman wrapped in an ample draped dress sits on a swollen cloud. The foreshortening would suggest a study for a ceiling decoration. With her right hand the woman is caressing a dove, while in her left hand raised towards the sky she is clutching a fruit (?), a heart (?). She is looking upwards and has ears of wheat entwined in her hair. This could be an allegory of Purity or Innocence. The white dove is a symbol of purity, the uncovered breasts could be - so is Innocence in Raphael's fresco in the Hall of Constantine in the Vatican. The sign is delicate, almost evanescent, yet complex, rich in luministic effects that accentuate the areas in shadow. This way of composing figures with a complex network of short, light touches recalls the language of the Lombard masters at the turn of the second half of the 17th century. In particular, the graphic proofs of the brothers Carlo Francesco (Milan 1609 - 1662) and Giuseppe Nuvolone (Milan 1619-1703) lend themselves to a comparison with our drawing. We highlight two drawings as examples, one preserved in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and one in the Museo Poldi Pezzoli. However, we do not seem to recognise the hand of anyone specifically, so we opt to present the drawing as the work of an author orbiting their workshop. Ivory-coloured tracing paper with a fragment of watermark 'stars within a shield'.

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