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Chinese lacquered wooden screen with inlaid stones, 20th century

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Rare and beautiful Chinese wooden screen belonging to the 20th century, fine French manufacture. The screen is made entirely of dark lacquered wood, composed of 6 panels that can be modulated to your liking. The screen is supported by 12 rectangular copper patina feet, two for each panel, so as to give more stability and grace to the product. At each corner is a red peony with its leaves, framing and filling and somehow emphasizing the central design. The central painting depicts a serene scene at the edge of a pond, in which there are two birds, similar to roosters, ploughing the very elegant colors of green, red and yellow. Surrounding them stands the pristine miniature, with ducklings, flowers, seagulls in the sky, swallows and a tree of white flowers, very beautiful and elegant. Every floral detail is decorated by the stones, a marvel without equal. The design is embraced by a red and green flowered frame, which borders and enriches it. The design was completely handmade through details carved directly into the wood, shows the great skill of the person who decorated it. Another marvel enclosed in this partition are the gemstones set inside the wood, in fact the whole partition is traversed by a frame in typical Chinese style represented by small stone-set flowers, which create a magnificent effect in contrast to the dark wood. On the back, on the other hand, are carved golden flower-like decorations, very understated but elegant. Also present is its original Chinese label. Each panel is linked to the other by a brass hinge that allows for quick movement. The screen is ideal for bedrooms, but also for areas to be enhanced, this is definitely a piece of unparalleled wonder that should be enhanced as the star of the room!.

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