Olinto 3-module sideboard by Kazuhide Takahama for B&B/C&B, 1960s


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Sideboard composed of three different modules: one with two hinged doors, one with a drawer unit with four drawers and the last module with an open compartment. These modules are also finished at the back and on both sides, which allows the individual positioning of the elements, if desired also as an island. The product is the result of a collaboration between the three most innovative companies of the time and the genius of Oriental design. The fusion between the construction excellence expressed by C&B&B and Cassina and the essential lines drawn by designer Kazuhide Takahama, gave shape to a piece of furniture that is still recognised today as an icon of understated elegance, capable of crossing time and changing styles without ever losing its unmistakable identity. Kazuhide Takahama completed his architectural studies in Tokyo and began working in Kazuo Fuioka's studio. He came to Italy in 1957 on the occasion of the Milan Triennale and here he met Dino Gavina with whom he would collaborate for a long time. In contact with the most active Italian designers, he started again in this lively climate of cultural exchange to develop his own stylistic vocabulary that would become increasingly defined. B&B is the result of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli's entrepreneurial vision. The Group, founded in 1966, has built its success on its ability to represent contemporary culture through design and to anticipate trends, in a constant attempt to respond to the evolution of taste and living requirements. Piero Ambrogio Busnelli founded C&B (a joint venture between Cassina and Busnelli) in 1966. An approach of industrial and technological modernity revolutionised the world of upholstered furniture. Founded by Cesare and Umberto Cassina in 1927 in Meda, Cassina inaugurated industrial design in Italy in the 1950s according to a totally new logic that marked the transition from handcrafted to serial production. With an attitude of research and innovation, Cassina combined technology with traditional craftsmanship. Total Dimensions: L.318 cm X D.45 cm H.73 cm.

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Kazuide Takahama


B&B e C&B Italia


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73 cm


318 cm


45 cm


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