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Walnut sideboard with metal grill and bronze decoration in Louis XV style, late 19th century

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A charming and characteristic French piece of furniture in the Louis XV style. Skilled cabinet-makers have used different colours of walnut wood to make this object; a light walnut veneer with a balanced geometric pattern has been placed on the upper shelf; the same workmanship has been repeated for the handy drawer underneath and for the doors, an aesthetically refined and elegant execution. The handles of the drawer, the two elaborate decorations on the upper sides, the small frieze at the bottom and those at the ends of the legs are in gilded bronze; below the drawer is a convenient compartment closed by a door fitted with an original metal grille, while another spacious compartment is below and has two doors. The craftsmen who worked on this piece of furniture, giving it small dimensions and multiple, intelligent functionalities of use, succeeded in creating an extraordinary, refined and captivating piece of furniture, which, by virtue of its extreme elegance and soft, romantic line, makes it extremely versatile and easy to place in any environment. An exceptionally high quality European walnut in different colour tones was used for the entire construction of the cabinet. This is a type of wood which, due to its richness of colour, dimensional stability, impact resistance and robustness, is widely used in high-end furniture. This type of wood, thanks to its many different natural grains, makes the furniture elegant, refined and unique. The furniture was made between 1870 and 1880 in a traditional workshop on the outskirts of Paris, most likely in the medieval village of Provins, as it was bought by us together with other pieces of furniture at an antique market in the area. Louis XV style furniture is simple and refined, the balance of its forms giving the whole piece of furniture an elegant and refined air. They are considered a source of inspiration for the search for harmony and proportions, or as a rich decorative repertoire to be treated with the same freedom of invention as was already practised in the Rococo period. Measures width 53 cm, depth 35 cm, height 120 cm. The object has been treated with ancient manual restoration techniques by our team of craftsmen and is in excellent condition. For all our shipments we use special packaging materials (wooden crates, polystyrene, etc.) for maximum protection and safety of the object.

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