Why should I sell on intOndo?

To access a worldwide market.

Because it is free and does not require exclusiveness. 

Because you establish the price of your item and once it is sold you will receive the 80% of it.

Because your object for sale on intOndo will be enhanced by optimization of text and photos. intOndo handles payments and shipping if you need. 

Because you can always remove your object from intOndo’s catalogue.

Because you can always count on our Customer Service. 

Because our customers are passionate about interior design and are searching exactly your one-of-a-kind item.

How to start selling

You can start selling right away: you will need to upload on intOndo at least 3 photos of the object, a description of the piece and its price. Simply fill in the product sheet with the highest level of detail to ensure customers find what they are looking for, convince them to buy and avoid returns.

In particular, we suggest creating a title composed in this way:

Category + Model + Designer + Period/Style + Brand + Color + Material for search optimization (SEO).

E.g. Cassina 50s armchair Red fabric

We ask you not to insert your references or contacts (address, telephone, email, site, social pages) so that the sale is not disintermediated (in this case intOndo could be at risk).

IntOndo will enhance the first image to improve the user experience.

You will always be able to delete the object if necessary.

Once you sell the item, you will receive 80% of the price set by you or the price set, net of our commission.

Photo recommendations

The quality of your photos makes the difference. For a nearly professional result, even if you are using your smart phone, follow these tips.

1) Clean the object as well as possible

2) Place the object in a place with natural light or otherwise well lit

3) Use a white background (a white sheet can help you!)

4) Place the machine/phone on a stationary plane or place the arm on a flat surface

5) Capture the entire object

6) Photograph from different perspectives (at least front, back, side)

7) Photograph any defects

8) Do not add any distinguishing marks

9) Do not use filters or special effects

10) Take original photos do not download them from the internet

11) Photograph the object in its functionality and size (e.g. vase with tulips inside)

12) Show details (e.g. take a specific photo of the fabric or handles)

13) Photograph labels, tags or signatures attesting to the provenance of the object, if any

14) If you are selling a group of items, take also a picture of the full set

15) Upload at least 3 photos.


Listing fee

There’s no listing fee for your items: you’ll pay the commission only in case of sale through intOndo.

Items pricing

Pricing of items is freely determined by the Seller. We ask you to ensure the application of the tax scheme required by law and consistency with market prices.

In determining the price we recommend that you take into account the commission you will pay in case of sale and the price of your item as new (if available).



intOndo charges a commission of 20% + VAT on the price collected. This allows us to develop, improve and maintain the website. The commission is reinvested in online marketing to promote items on several channels in order to bring new customers and thus multiply sales for Sellers.


Account and Store

Within your profile, you can customize your space with name, description, photos and other administration info.

All open listings, following Sellers and reviews from your customers will appear here.

We ask you not to enter your personal contacts to avoid disintermediation and let intOndo last long.

Promote your own store

We invite all Sellers to consider their intOndo shop as a new, effective global sales channel and we encourage to share with their customers their online space both via email and social networks.

Sales Management

In the event of a sale, the supplier of the item will be notified by intOndo. In order to protect the Buyer and the Seller, intOndo will collect the price of the item and after 14 days from delivery (during which the Buyer may request a return if something went wrong), intOndo will make payment to the Seller equal to the amount net of its commission.


Listings management

intOndo reserves the right to decline listings that are not in line with the tastes of its users and that do not meet intOndo's selection criteria of style, condition standards, and value.

In all cases, all listings must be complete and comply with the photo guidelines for publication.

It is always possible to delete an Item or modify its price and content.

intOndo selection

intOndo makes an items selection based on its customers tastes, guaranteeing style, good conditions and value: for this reason we do not accept all kind of objects.

Currently the reference areas are furniture and decoration.

Seller's responsibility

The Seller is solely responsible for the quality of the published object, including the accuracy of the information, photos and conditions. For this reason, we recommend to describe your item in the best possible way, paying particular attention to the description of its state of conservation and conditions. intOndo reserves the right to review the product sheets, correct any grammatical errors, make minor graphical corrections and modify the photos only in order to optimize the image.

It is Seller’s responsibility to present items:

– clean and odourless.

– ready to be sold, i.e. in good condition and functional: any defects must be clearly reported and photographed.

– perfectly packaged at the time of shipment.

intOndo reserves the right not to publish objects unsuitable for sale.

Any attempt to disintermediate the sale, contacting the customer directly to avoid paying the commission, still involves the payment of the commission to intOndo.

The Seller guarantees to be in possession of the published object and all the rights for its sale.

The Seller is aware of our return policy.

The Seller accepts to respond quickly to requests, to constantly update the availability of items (e.g. in the case of sales in the shop) and to process orders within the agreed timescales.

Packaging Guidelines

All small/medium sized items (which fit into a standard package) will be shipped by traditional couriers so we recommend you:

  •  use a cardboard in good condition
  •  remove labels or other signs of previous shipments
  •  wrap objects separately (e.g. 2 separate candlesticks)
  •  use suitable packaging material (we recommend polystyrene balls for objects up to 4.5 kg, air bubble plastic up to 22.68 kg, moldable foam, polyethylene foam pads).
  •  for very fragile objects we suggest a double box in which to insert packaging material also in the external box.
  •  use shipment-friendly tape (from parcels, no standard tape or paper)
  •  insert a single clear label including both the information of the consignee and that of the consignor
  •  place a return label inside the package.

Keep in mind that most couriers circulate the packages on treadmills from which the package is likely to helm: a well-packed object is protected in case of falling.

Large items must also be properly disassembled and packed: they will be collected by professional transporters.

Damaged object

If the item arrives damaged or broken, the buyer will be refunded the price of the item and the shipping costs.

In particular, you will not be paid for the damaged item and it is up to you to take back the item at your own expense.




Payments to the Seller will be made:

  • by bank transfer automatically at the time the order is marked as completed by the Purchaser or, in any case, 30 days after confirmation of the order itself
  • on your bank account through manual bank transfer

We recommend that you keep your payment information up to date within your profile.


Our customers have 14 days from the delivery of the item to make a return request: any return will be borne by the Purchaser, assuming that the Seller and/or courier has delivered the item in good condition. 

The best way to avoid returns is to give a detailed description of the item to avoid complaints.

The reasons for the return may therefore be:

  • damaged or broken item: you are responsible and you won’t be paid for the item in case you sent it
  • item not in accordance with the description: anything that proves non-conformity based on photos, videos, etc... If there is non-conformity, the buyer will be refunded and you won’t be paid
  • dissatisfaction: the buyer has 14 days from delivery to return the item. Shipping costs will be paid by the buyer

We don’t accept returns after pickup at the Seller’s shop.