Not to be missed

The Kiss Bridge, Vietnam

Located in the sunset town on Phu Quoc Island, the Kiss Bridge is a rare piece of engineering designed by Italian architect Marco Casamonti. Come with us to discover this very romantic monument.

In the heart of the tropical paradise of Phu Quoc, a Vietnamese island that sits in front of the coast of Cambodia, a new landmark has captured the imagination of locals and tourists alike – the Kiss Bridge. This charming addition to the island's attractions has quickly become a symbol of love and romance, drawing couples from far and wide to experience its enchanting ambiance.

The result of a collaboration between the established developer Sun Group and Marco Casamonti's architecture firm together with Archea Associati, the new 800-meter-long bridge is composed of several parts of which the 2 main ones do not cross or touch each other, but stand as a symbol of connection and eternal love. The real function of the new bridge, opened at Christmas 2023, is to provide a photo opportunity for visitors who meet at the extremes of the north and south sections 12 inches apart.

The space between the two edges of the bridge is not randomly chosen, in fact, the architect confessed that the inspiration for this ultra-modern infrastructure is none other than the very famous central scene of the Sistine Chapel in Michelangelo's depiction of The Creation of Adam, a Renaissance masterpiece. Just as the great Tuscan master wanted to stop in time the touch between God and Adam in the fresco, so on the bridge two lovers can immortalize their eternal love at the moment they are about to touch each other from each end of the bridge.

Immediately renamed Kiss Bridge the structure was built with romance in mind as its first function and has become a new livelihood engine for the islanders who have built around the new monument a series of proposals for tourists and local visitors. In fact, the bridge's original name is "Cau Hon," which means "marriage proposal" in Vietnamese, an invitation to take the opportunity to get engaged, perhaps at sunset when the sun sinks into the sea as it passes between the two ends of the bridge. After all, what could be more romantic?

Beyond its dreamy function, this bridge is considered a unique infrastructure made up of unevenness and irregularities: its structure adapts to the characteristic topography of the place by following a sinusoidal rhythm, creating different levels where it is possible to contemplate the landscape from different points of view. It joins the other bridge built by the Sun Group, the well-known "Golden Bridge" near Da Nang, where two mammoth sculptural hands emerge from the water to support the structure. Ambitious works in which man celebrates the landscape through engineering works guided by art and sentiment. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it seemed fitting to celebrate one that reminds us of the timeless beauty of love and connection.