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Digital art works, NFT and cryptocurrency explained in 5 points

Cryptocurrency, digital coins, NFT, today it is almost impossible to avoid talking about the digital art market. There is growing interest in un-material creations, not only works of art, but also digital design projects, and the market for these assets seems to be going crazy. But what are the rules and what are the opportunities?

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Casa Balla: a futurist recreation of the Universe

Don't miss the opportunity to rediscover the Roman home of Giacomo Balla (1871-1958): a museum, or rather an artist's workshop designed to be the archetype of the Futurist philosophy. From furniture to textiles, passing through wall decorations, lights, and carpets, this house is a total work of art signed by Giacomo, Luce, and Elica Balla.

Our 2021 exhibition pick? Frick Madison.

This year don't miss the temporary display of The Frick Collection at the Breuer Building, a unique opportunity to see the historical New York collection of old masters redisplayed in an iconic modernist building.

Don't miss Mercanteinfiera 2020 in Parma

On October 3rd Fiere di Parma opens its doors again, in complete safety, to all those who are looking for one-of-a-kind objects. Mercanteinfiera is an unmissable appointment for those who work in interior design, for those who are simply passionate about it, or for those who are looking for inspiration not only in the field of architecture and interior design.

Glass under another light

At intOndo we love to discover stories and anecdotes about the different materials behind our objects. This time we get to know the Corning Museum of Glass, the largest institution in the world dedicated to glass.

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Yacht Club Life

Private, exclusive and stylishly furnished, yacht clubs are the symbol of a way of living and some of them became real icons for sea and sailing lovers. Let's get to know 3 of these exclusive places and discover their decor and architecture.

Time's durability

Without our usual routine the last few months appeared to be an uninterrupted period of time in which it was hard to separate the beginning and end of the week. A phenomenon that brings back the thought of the durability of time started by the French philosopher Henri Bergson and celebrated in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dream houses around the world: Gio Ponti's multifaceted talent

While an exhibition dedicated to Gio Ponti's architecture is on display at MAXXI in Rome, intOndo introduces you to three houses he designed in South America and Iran. Built between the '50s and '60s, they are examples of made in Italy avant-garde and timeless modernity, which still influences the way contemporary living space is conceived.

Flea market shopping in France

Wandering through flea markets is an exciting treasure hunt as well as a good opportunity for small escapes from everyday life and trips to unexplored destinations. intOndo selected a few French markets where, with a little luck, you could find that unique piece that will make the difference in your living room.

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Thonet and bentwood furniture: a style that endures over the centuries

Some furniture is so iconic, so much rooted in our everyday life, that we often forget that its design marked an era. intOndo brings you to the (re)discovery of the timeless style of Thonet's bentwood chairs, celebrated in an anthological exhibition at the MAK in Vienna.

What to put under the tree this year? The new design atlases have arrived!

With Christmas just around the corner, why not get a book on the history of 20th century furniture, a great gift for readers looking for inspiration for their homes. intOndo has selected three new volumes (plus a vintage book of course!), which share the same "design atlas" format. We chose to focus on books that, in addition to beautiful images, offer practical tools, in order to allow a fluid reading and facilitate immediate consultation.

Vintage design goes on TV

After so many TV programs dedicated to interior design and solutions to renovate the home, it is now the latest TV series to inspire vintage lovers around the globe: through imaginative touches and contemporary reinterpretations, these stories’ sets are carefully designed, made for the viewers to plunge in the domestic realities of the 20th century.