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Art, Design and selected Vintage furniture and decor: it's time to start collecting on intOndo. Browse refined antiques selected for you and discover 1st editions and the best of 20th century design.


Rarities to be collected

From Fine Arts to the best Decorative Arts, you will find here a collection of our rarest and most precious items. Enjoy the pure beauty of antique sculptures and paintings, discover ingenious 18th-century furniture, and marvel at the bronzes and silverware. 

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XX century

Master works to be collected

Relatively well known and highly sought after, XX century’s historical design includes items of rare beauty and distinguished refinement. Discover timeless furniture, 1st editions and limited series in this category which includes the best of the XX century.

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Iconic Design

Design projects for everyday life

The result of timeless ideas and designs, some objects should never be missing from a home environment. Discover design icons to be experienced every day and passed on from generation to generation.





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