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Closet and personality

With a little more conscience and a little less ease, we are back to packing for trips or weekends out of town. Let's find out together what our post-COVID-19 closet looks like and get some insight into our personality.

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Yacht Club Life

Private, exclusive and stylishly furnished, yacht clubs are the symbol of a way of living and some of them became real icons for sea and sailing lovers. Let's get to know 3 of these exclusive places and discover their decor and architecture.

6 daily items to get to know Maria Sole Ferragamo

Art meets architecture in the upcycle leather creations by jewel designer Maria Sole Ferragamo. Her innovative interpretation of her family history proves that the dialogue between past and present is an everlasting source of creativity. Let's discover together the daily items that accompany the work and life of this young Tuscan entrepreneur.

A wall decor guide

You found a work of art that would be perfect for your home, but you don't know where and how to hang it? Discover the best curatorial approach with these few rules on how to hang your paintings and decorative pieces.

The destiny of the Gurlitt collection

It is one of the most sensational discoveries of recent years, the Gurlitt art trove has kept scholars and experts busy for eight years, leaving behind a large collection of works of art and many shadows from the Nazi era. Discover with us this piece of European history.

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5 tips from the Theory of color

Some ideas have an extremely practical and tangible application, among them the theory of colours which has a centuries-old history. Art meets science in the study of colors which was first translated by Isaac Newton (1642-1727) into the color disk scheme, then investigated and theorized by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) and more recently defined by Johannes Itten (1888-1967), one of the first Bauhaus professors. Find here our 5 basic tips on how to use it.

Time's durability

Without our usual routine the last few months appeared to be an uninterrupted period of time in which it was hard to separate the beginning and end of the week. A phenomenon that brings back the thought of the durability of time started by the French philosopher Henri Bergson and celebrated in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Bergère chair, a King's seat

Today we take for granted that a chair or an armchair is designed not only to be functional but also comfortable. But do you know what was the first type of chair to focus on comfort and relaxation? Discover with us the history of the Bergère chair.

The ethical values behind choosing vintage

If you are furnishing a house or if you are simply thinking of changing a piece of furniture, it is good practice to do a search first among antique and modern objects. Learn why and how to do it in a smart way with intOndo.

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At home with David Bowie

An integral part of his private life, collecting was for David Bowie's not a conceptual process nor a scientific activity. As in his music, an emotional state would guide him through the selection of works of art and design pieces for his private collection.

The digital acceleration caused by the pandemic

Impossible to predict, as shocking as a tsunami, as tragic as a war: this pandemic has literally revolutionized our lives. It made us feel like prisoners at home and powerless in the face of the invisible enemy. But we have never been really isolated thanks to the digital escape of modern life.

DYI: 5 tips for a home lifting

Making photo albums, calling friends you haven't heard from in a lifetime and trying a new recipe in the kitchen are some of today’s popular activities. And, we shall add, that these are good times to take care of small projects for your house. There is no better occasion to devote yourself to these activities and get a little satisfaction from your "do it yourself" interior design.