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intOndo is always enchanted by music, and most of all, we love it for its accessibility and reproducibility. Nowadays with a pair of headphones or a speaker you can connect to your mobile phone and... you have music to your ears! But it hasn't always been like this and that's why we offer you a brief history of sound reproduction.

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Cabinets of Curiosity

If you think that unicorns, mermaids, taxidermy and rare collections of shells and butterflies are just a fashion of our time, you are wrong. Far from being a modern invention, they have been the core of Wunderkammers in royal palaces, churches and aristocratic residences since the Renaissance. Today, between an exotic-themed party, an animalier runaway and a dip into a pool full of rainbow-colored unicorns, intOndo wishes to emphasize the most intrinsic value of these wonders.

Frug dance, an evergreen cult

Bob Fosse's (1927-1987) style seems to be timeless: isolated movements, use of hats, gloves and accessories, and ingenious snappy choreography. These are the elements that have made his choreographies so influential today. But do you know where Fosse himself draws his inspiration from?

Art Hotel, the new frontier of cultural tourism

Have you ever slept in an Art Hotel? These hotels, often situated in evocative location, offer to their guests the possibility to enjoy site-specific artworks, art installations and cultural events. Art Hotels, Design Hotels and Vintage Hotels are constantly developing and their uniqueness became a business full of opportunities for both hoteliers and artists.

Word to the "Light Giver"

We are pleased to share with intOndo's community what we have learnt from Adriano Caputo, an architect who defines himself as a "giver of light" rather than a lighting designer. For his profession he illuminates works of art and their historical contexts to present them to the modern public.

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Clockwork Orange: design, cinema and art

Today we will take a look to a movie that can be defined as one as the most representative of Pop Art: Clockwork Orange, the cult movie produced in 1971 by Stanley Kubrick. We will analyze it from the point of view of design. We will study three different Clockwork Orange's sets.

Vintage at the Fuori Salone in Milan

The recent edition of the Fuorisalone in Milan has relaunched the vintage that reaffirms itself as a source of inexhaustible inspiration for various design workshops. We'd like to give you a few examples that we've been particularly impressed with.

Frida's Universe: the house as a personal expression

"I thought I was a surrealist too, but I never was. I've always painted my own reality, not my own dreams. Reading Frida Kahlo's diary we can come across this and many other enlightening sentences which, in addition to investigating her work as an artist, help us to understand her spirit as a wife and woman at the beginning of the last century.

Marie Kondō: contemporary queen of tidying up

The house reflects the soul of those who live in it. Whether it is messy, full of decorations, family photos, minimal or more traditional, our home is the space that identifies us more than anything else. Our living space is the guardian of our secrets, joys and sorrows, for this reason it is important to establish a good relationship with it.

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100 years of Bauhaus

"It often happens that on intOndo, and also in other settings related to interior design or architecture, we encounter to the adjective "modernist".

Instagram Style

Spring has finally arrived, the days have lengthened and the birds have started to twitter again. The desire to renew yourself is making its way and the best way to do this is to start from your own living space.

The emotional value of things

What is the value of time? What is the value of memories? When you lose a train and buy another ticket, the not planned extra cost, also has within the value of our time (and our mistakes, in this case).