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Are you wishing to be somewhere else? Find a green project

We bet that right now most of you are dying to be somewhere else. Because of our resilient nature, we offer you a solution that is an entertainment, an aesthetic upgrade for your home and educational as well: investe some of your time to build a new green area in the house, on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden.

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Settebello, a train made of Italian style and design

Today we take you on the train that brought Italy out post-war period and became the symbol of industrial made in Italy. Designed and set up by Giò Ponti and Giulio Minoletti and then built by the company Ernesto Breda of Sesto San Giovanni (MI) in the years 1952-59, the Settebello train run on the most beautiful tracks in Italy until 1992. And soon its coaches will be able to live again.

Create the ideal home office with these 5 tips

intOndo suggests you how to be productive at home without putting your physical and mental well-being at risk. By following these five simple steps you can make the most of your home space and use your time wisely.

Henry Van de Velde

He was the man who transitioned design from Art Nouveau to Modernism and yet his name is often forgotten. That's because more than an innovator, Henry Van de Velde (1863 - 1957) was a forerunner of his time. Let's then trace the history of his creations, which were the hinge between the aesthetic independence of the 19th century and the industrial synthesis of the 20th century.

10 years of Pantone colors

What do the colors of the past tell us? The COTY, the famous Pantone competition that crowns the color of the year, just turned 20 and can tell us a lot about the nuances of our society. Let's take a look at the chromo taste of the last 10 years and let's bet on the next one.

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CopenHill: a project of hedonistic sustainability

Maybe not all sports lover know Copenhagen's new artificial ski slope built on the ceiling of multi-use waste-to-energy plant. Served by carpets and ski lifts, it is 400 meters long track created with "made in Italy" materials. Let's discover it with intOndo.

“A house like me”: Villa Malaparte, Capri

Beautiful and impossible, or "tough, strange and frank" as its owner recalled it: the Casa Malaparte on Capri is an ode to rationalism and a hymn to solitude. From the 1940s to the present day, this charming house has served as a theatre for films, advertising campaigns and travels, becoming a true icon of Italian living.

The umbrella and the test of time

Hovering between fashion and design, the umbrella is a millennial accessory that has won the test of space, and especially that of any weather. Considered a symbol of prosperity it was initially reserved for the few and centuries later the umbrella is one of the most common objects in circulation with a range of options developed to have one always handy.

Back to books, in and out of the home

Books are our personal treasure and we shall not underestimate them: they are a resource from all points of view and as much as they can enlighten our minds, so they make an impact on our home decor.

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Patterns, vintage furniture and lots of color

For those who have a retro soul, combining vintage furniture with wallpaper and fabric geometrical patterns is now a big trend. In addition, new motifs are proposed by contemporary wallpaper brands, deeply inspired by the patterns appearing on vintage collectible fabrics and furnishings.

Dream houses around the world: Gio Ponti's multifaceted talent

While an exhibition dedicated to Gio Ponti's architecture is on display at MAXXI in Rome, intOndo introduces you to three houses he designed in South America and Iran. Built between the '50s and '60s, they are examples of made in Italy avant-garde and timeless modernity, which still influences the way contemporary living space is conceived.

A disco-style house

From the '60s to the 2000s, nightclubs have been the core of Pop culture, avant-garde and experimental places that now return to inspire interior design. Two exhibitions trace the history and furnishings of some legendary discos, those that were total works of art, where architecture and iconic furniture merged into a triumph of light, design and music.