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The sacred places of vintage: the Cranbrook Academy

At its peak between the 30s and 50s, this creative community was an important reference point for global architecture and furniture. Here, the destinies of great American designers were intertwined, writing a decisive chapter in the history of design.

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Organically vintage

Vintage furniture showing natural materials applied to sinuous shapes is the next trend in interiors. Wood, bamboo, rattan. It's the great revival of organic design.

When sustainability is part of your DNA

Circular Economy, how to look forward to the future, creating new processes and putting them in place: find out why being more sustainable is a must for us.

Herman Miller: over a century later

intOndo brings back into circulation stories from the past of great brands which entered the history of 20th-century design. With its iconic furnishings, which are now a vintage market cult, Herman Miller is under the spotlight.

Thonet v/s Chiavari chair

Today we decided to compare two great classics, two chairs that have two centuries of history behind them and are still highly sought after pieces of furniture: the Thonet chair and the Chiavari chair. Discover with us what they have in common and what distinguishes these two timeless objects.

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Best vintage moments: The Queen's Gambit

This appointment is dedicated to the most spectacular vintage interiors of TV series and movies, sources of inspiration for furnishing our homes with unique objects. Here is a selection of unforgettable interiors taken from the most acclaimed Netflix series of the end of 2020.

6 objects for a portrait of Giulia Mondolfi

Vintage atmospheres inspire the creations of the young founder of fashion brand Alberta Florence: for her garments, she only uses interior textiles, getting inspired by her favorite objects and maintaining a special consideration for sustainability.

Our 2021 exhibition pick? Frick Madison.

This year don't miss the temporary display of The Frick Collection at the Breuer Building, a unique opportunity to see the historical New York collection of old masters redisplayed in an iconic modernist building.

Gaetano Pesce and architecture

His language stands between art and reality, Gaetano Pesce is among the greatest interpreters of today's design. Yet it is in his architectural projects that we can see the best expression of his imagination: hoses turned into portraits, sculptures, and many other forms. Discover with us his eclectic projects.

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Tradition and progress

Our appointment with extinct furniture companies continues! We like to remember their unique stories and their pieces of furniture, items that are still highly sought after by collectors. Today we report some curiosities about the history of the Sicilian furniture brand Ducrot, a pearl of Liberty style in Italy that had its base in Palermo. Active from the early 20th century to the 1970s, it also left its mark on the naval industry.

6 objects for a portrait of Angelo Lunati

Founder of award-winning architecture firm Onsitestudio based in Milan, the architect tells intOndo about a few objects he is particularly fond of.

Under intOndo's Christmas tree

If you have not yet found the right gift for someone special or you are still undecided, read our tips for this Christmas and get inspired!