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Terence Conran, the taste-maker

With his essential furnishings, a must of vintage collecting, he contributed to transforming the experience of selling and buying design products. Let's find out who designer Terence Conran was, one of the most impactful figures on 20th century and contemporary design. Don't miss his tips!

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6 objects for a portrait of Bethan Laura Wood

Volcanic, eccentric, passionate about her work and always looking for fascinating combinations of color and material. Nicknamed "the English color guru", designer Bethan Laura Wood has forged a deep knowledge of materials thanks to her passion for design and her innate propensity to collect: works of art, objects, clothes and furnishings from different eras and styles.

5 tips to reduce waste when shopping online

(Almost) everyone agrees, the time has come to change our lifestyle by adopting more sustainable behavior to benefit our planet. But how to do it? Let's start with online shopping, discover with us 5 steps to become a more responsible consumer.

Vintage revolution

From innovative appliances to iconic furnishings, we've selected ten objects that revolutionized the domestic panorama forever. But the list would be very long. The word is yours ... follow us on Instagram!

Artists and their signature pieces

Vintage design rhymes with interdisciplinarity: a dip into the past to discover furniture, designers and companies that have built important partnerships and successful productions through the relationship between visual arts and design.

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Handmade vintage: the awakening of ceramics

Italy boasts a large number of artisan areas that have handed down the millennial tradition of ceramics. On intOndo you can find ceramic artifacts made by small and large producers of the 20th century, which gave life to unique objects steeped in history. Here is a brief account of two Italian factories whose pieces are much sought-after among pottery lovers and vintage scouters.

6 objects for a portrait of Peter Schade

Since 2005 he has reframed about 300 paintings in the permanent collection of the National Gallery, London; Peter Schade, the Head of Framing at the museum, is a modern Master working with antique frames. Discover with us his background, his story, and some of the objects that inspire him every day.

Rational vintage

Born as office furniture, they conquer every room of the house: here come the vintage filing cabinets, efficient and rigorous, so much so that they've become the industrial style must-have. And not only that.

Don't miss Mercanteinfiera 2020 in Parma

On October 3rd Fiere di Parma opens its doors again, in complete safety, to all those who are looking for one-of-a-kind objects. Mercanteinfiera is an unmissable appointment for those who work in interior design, for those who are simply passionate about it, or for those who are looking for inspiration not only in the field of architecture and interior design.

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Glass under another light

At intOndo we love to discover stories and anecdotes about the different materials behind our objects. This time we get to know the Corning Museum of Glass, the largest institution in the world dedicated to glass.

The future of vintage

How is furniture changing after the lockdown? Being the place where we spend a great deal of our time, the home changes with us. Versatility and upcycling are some of the trends that will influence the world of interiors during the new season that is about to begin.

6 objects for a portrait of Susanna Martucci

Determined, clever, and with a constant passion for sustainability, Italian entrepreneur Susanna Martucci has been pioneering the field of the circular economy for almost 25 years and she keeps being innovative by creating "communicating objects". In this interview, the CEO of Alisea S.r.l. Società Benefit, tells her story through 6 objects which are significant for her.