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17th century and earlier

Light and shadow

The multiple expressive nuances of the 17th century are expressed in the decorative monumentality typical of the Baroque era. Free, open, and variously articulated forms distinguish the artistic productions of this century, wonderful works of art that shed new light on the dialogue between artist and spectator opened in the Renaissance and before. Discover these treasures on intOndo.

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18th century

A feast for the eye

The Age of Enlightenment brings to the 18th century extensive experimentation in all artistic and manufacturing fields: precious materials are combined with inlaid woods, sumptuous fabrics, and lacquered porcelain. The main scope is "to amaze", so the fervent creative spirit of this century translates even the smallest project into theatrical staging, marvels of mechanics, and surprising optical effects.

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19th century

Revival and realism

When you look at decorative arts and architecture revival is what distinguishes art movements during the 19th century. Yet the real novelty of this time is the refined realism of paintings and sculptures. Discover in this section refined French furniture, geometrical landscapes, comfortable Imperial style armchairs and much more.

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Belle Époque

At the peak of the Belle Époque many of the 19th century scientific innovations translated into benefits for the society. Electrical light, cinema and radio are only some of the progress that became commodities in this era when design and the arts followed the Art Nouveau, Liberty e Arts and Crafts stiles.

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Rhythm and geometries

This period is distinguished for its modernity and its attention to function and detail. Geometrical patterns and simple lines are common elements both in design and fashion. You can find few strong colors, often placed in contrast with each other. The style that dominated the 20s and 30s is the Art Decò, but the Bauhaus School was also born at this time and its style is still contemporary today. Therefore furniture, lights and decor in this category is very easy to mix with any other object you may already have.

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Design after the Great Wars

The years following the Great Wars are crucial for the advent of industrial design. This is when the modern concept of design really started. Plastic and new materials seem to take over mass production of objects designed for the modern daily life. Anything can be designed and realized at this time and there are no limits to invention and realization of thing and a time for optimism. Mid-century furniture produced in this period is still fashionable today.

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Industrial designers at work

A new generation of designers brings strong vibes in these years dominated by the Pop Art. Industrial designers felt free to reinterpret the classics with bright colours and new materials to add a burst of energy to daily life. Round shapes typical of ‘60s give a sense of comfort and wealth, and the ‘70s chromed or optical patterns add that touch of extravagance that any home should have even today.

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Elegance and minimalism

Simple, minimal and essential lines are the main characteristics of the ‘80s and ‘90s design. Objects produces at this time are works of art dressed with the most technological materials in the most elegant way. The colour palette is limited and soft and the shapes are ergonomic and essentials. Nothing is redundant in this style that has much to tell us in its straight forward look.

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Young and promising

Any respectable collection includes young artworks with great potential. Thus also on intOndo you can find a number of contemporary pieces. Even if it is rare nowadays, we find special objects that pass our accurate selection for their uniqueness and the quality of their materials. It is mainly artisanal works that we care for and support as they speak of craftsmanship and contemporary genius.

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