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Podcast no. 9: Inspired by Lee Miller

An episode dedicated to the world of vintage cameras and the iconic photography of Lee Miller, the American fashion model turned into war photographer during the Second World War.

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Podcast no: 6 - Serpentine Sofa designed by Vladimir Kagan

A focus on the evergreen Serpentine Sofa designed by Vladimir Kagan

This episode is about those special, statement pieces of vintage furniture, timeless creations that go against the linear norm, objects that are simply unmissable in an interior and can in fact be the starting point for the entire style of the room.

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Podcast no:3 - Non Conformist Armchair

Non Conformist Armchair by Eileen Gray 1926

The story of a piece of furniture can be inevitably interlaced with its designer’s life. A piece can usually be the result of feelings and experiences, and often it tells stories and curious anecdotes.

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Podcast no: 2 - Anonymous Design

The podcast that puts vintage design stories back into circulation

Have you ever heard of Anonymous design? A subject for those of you that want to look at our most humble objects with a critical eye. Don't miss intOndo's podcast to learn more.