Rapt Studio's founder David Galullo, tells us about "Design is Language; Speak for Yourself"

Known for creating transformative experiences for some of the world’s most valuable brands, the multidisciplinary firm Rapt Studio works at the at the intersection of spatial experience and cultural connection. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2024 they celebrate vintage objects as a catalyst for connection and communication.

In Milan from April 16 to 21, 2024, design and vintage enthusiasts have the opportunity to visit an exhibition that has no equal. intOndo has in fact joined the multidisciplinary brand Rapt Studio's project "Design is Language; Speak for Yourself" by bringing to Milan Design Week its expertise in the selection of vintage designer furniture. A careful selection of more than thirty of pieces,carefully chosen by Rapt Studio through our platform will be on display during the event. But let's find out more from the creator of the event and founder of Rapt Studio, David Galullo.

The exhibition is based on the concept that Design is a language, but today there are many ways to communicate. How does design differ from words or technology?

With "Design is Language; Speak for Yourself" we aim to provoke our visitors to investigate their personal relationship with design, through the lens of personal storytelling.  Communication, whether verbal or digital, is our opportunity to let other people know who we are, what we believe in and what makes us unique individuals.  We also have the opportunity to design an environment that not only speaks of who we are, but that celebrates our relationship with our past, supports our relationships with others and brings people together to build new shared stories. As with many things, there are layers of intimacy around language design can offer the most personal portrait of who we are. 

What led you to choose vintage furniture to set up the last room of the exhibition and what made you choose intOndo as your partner?

Our Installation studies design in 2024, plagued by mass production, driven by trends and resulting in a general genericism and ubiquitousness that has silenced one's personal expression and unique voice. As you move through the space, we highlight objects that have personal stories to tell, from people for whom the objects hold special meaning.  In the final space, we have designed a living space for two individuals, whose lives-together lend a voice to the selection of vintage pieces from IntOndo.  As a response to the trend to fill your home or office with the latest mass-produced item from any random store, we are advocating for a more personal selection of items that have been collected through your life, that hold a special story, or represent a time and place that is meaningful. Working with IntOndo has allowed us to source quality vintage items to help to tell our story.

Vintage furniture and furniture AI , what accumulates them and what distinguishes ?

Generally trends are meant for the masses, and work at the lowest common denominator.  Comfort comes from having seen it over and over again.  Automated design assistance that is becoming prevalent is scouring what has been done and is suggesting a version of reality that is a blended average of what is around us.  It is not more personal than having someone who has never met you, and does not know you, select your wardrobe.  It might be beautiful, but it will probably not match your personality and will definitely not say much about you.  Vintage furniture has histories instilled in its form.  Hopefully people will have items that are handed down to them, that they have collected through their lives, and that have stories that sit within them, but there is also the opportunity to purchase furniture with history before you, to buy quality and beauty to help to build your unique environment.  

Authoritative words, those of David Galullo, that are perfectly reflected in the everyday context. To further encourage you to visit the exhibition, here is some more information about the installation:

Along with the objects Rapt brought on stage the stories of some imaginary characters who tell their lives through one of the vintage objects selected on intOndo and found in the markets of Milan, the city of design. In addition to them, visitors are invited to a living area designed to engage and immerse them in a reflection on the relationship between past and present in everyday space.

Rapt's choices include timeless icons of Italian design, from the Chiavarina chairs to the Brionvega RR126 record player by the Castiglioni brothers to an elegant La Basilica table by Mario Bellini, alongside works by authors to be rediscovered, lesser-known or even anonymous, but with a distinctive character.

"Design is Language; Speak for Yourself" is a unique opportunity to rediscover an alignment with the concept of "good design" brought to the stage by Rapt, which underlines the role of objects in telling stories and becoming part of our identity, while promoting conscious, circular and sustainable consumption as a lifestyle.