Milan Design week: Rapt Studio in collaboration with intOndo unveils "Design is Language; Speak Yourself"

The immersive installation empowers visitors to reclaim their unique voice in the dialogue of design.


Milan, April 16th to April 21st 2024, Via Giuseppe Sirtori 30, Porta Venezia design district

Exploring the idea that design is language, Rapt Studio considers the individual’s role in the expression of architecture, interiors, furniture, objects and art. 

The space, located in Milan’s Porta Venezia Design District, will be an immersive experience. Each phase of the procession prompting guests to consider the role of design in communication and to reclaim the irown design vernacular. “Objects and places tell the stories of our lives.” says David Galullo, Chief Creative Officer at Rapt Studio. “Design can infuse a place with meaning and purpose, offering the comfort of being surrounded by the memory and inspiration of a life well lived.” Appearing on the street as a storefront, upon entry to the installation guests encounter a series of portals showcasing AI generated imagery depicting a culture shaped by mass consumption. 

These portals highlight how hyper-consumerism has altered the course of design, often resulting in a lack of distinctive narratives and an overall sense of sameness. As visitors progress, they are offered a glimpse of ordinary objects displayed in a museum-like setting. These pieces are not presented on merit of their design or prestige but elevated by the stories and histories they embody.

The third space — featuring vintage pieces sourced by Milanese marketplace, IntOndo — is Rapt Studio’s lab for design. Inside this livingroom-like space, visitors are presented with a call to action to engage with their surroundings. In the background, a continuous video loop of past visitors' interaction with the space — moments or days earlier — serves as a reminder of the diverse perspectives and experiences which contribute to the richness of the built environment.

At the core of Rapt Studio’s philosophy is the belief that design is a powerful means of connection. The exhibition — produced in partnership with Studio Grassi and d’Angelo and Associates — creates a layered experience, immersing visitors in a tapestry of past and present interactions that highlight the multifaceted nature of human engagement with objects and spaces.

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