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Sofas: the 10 iconic designs of the 20th century

In the past century we have revolutionized the way we live and furnish our homes, introducing new elements that have become icons of style and functionality. Among these, sofas hold a special place, with models that combine aesthetics and functionality in innovative ways. Let's discover together the ten most iconic sofas of the 20th century, examples of timeless elegance and style.

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Rapt Studio's founder David Galullo, tells us about "Design is Language; Speak for Yourself"

Known for creating transformative experiences for some of the world’s most valuable brands, the multidisciplinary firm Rapt Studio works at the at the intersection of spatial experience and cultural connection. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2024 they celebrate vintage objects as a catalyst for connection and communication.

6 objects for a portrait of Martino Lurani Cernuschi

From a chat with a polyhedric collector and composer, a window opens onto unknown universes and an incredible collection, deeply linked to the passions and creativity of its initiator.

6 objects for a portrait of Laura Cucchi de Alessandri, Lissoni & Partners

A career spent in one of Italy's most renowned architectural firms is reflected in the highly personal choices for home furnishings made by Laura Cucchi de Alessandri, Project Manager at Lissoni Graphx Milano. Her technical eye invites us to look at what is hidden behind 6 objects of design and good craftsmanship.

6 objects for a portrait of Maria Cristina Finucci

Architect, artist, and founding president of the Garbage Patch State, Maria Cristina Finucci is an outstanding woman with a strong critical sense. Discover with us how her skills and her itinerant life have led her original reflection on ocean pollution, a reality that is close to all of us and yet goes unnoticed.

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6 objects for a portrait of Giulia Mondolfi

Vintage atmospheres inspire the creations of the young founder of fashion brand Alberta Florence: for her garments, she only uses interior textiles, getting inspired by her favorite objects and maintaining a special consideration for sustainability.

6 objects for a portrait of Angelo Lunati

Founder of award-winning architecture firm Onsitestudio based in Milan, the architect tells intOndo about a few objects he is particularly fond of.

6 objects for a portrait of Bethan Laura Wood

Volcanic, eccentric, passionate about her work and always looking for fascinating combinations of color and material. Nicknamed "the English color guru", designer Bethan Laura Wood has forged a deep knowledge of materials thanks to her passion for design and her innate propensity to collect: works of art, objects, clothes and furnishings from different eras and styles.

6 objects for a portrait of Peter Schade

Since 2005 he has reframed about 300 paintings in the permanent collection of the National Gallery, London; Peter Schade, the Head of Framing at the museum, is a modern Master working with antique frames. Discover with us his background, his story, and some of the objects that inspire him every day.

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6 objects for a portrait of Susanna Martucci

Determined, clever, and with a constant passion for sustainability, Italian entrepreneur Susanna Martucci has been pioneering the field of the circular economy for almost 25 years and she keeps being innovative by creating "communicating objects". In this interview, the CEO of Alisea S.r.l. Società Benefit, tells her story through 6 objects which are significant for her.

6 daily items to get to know Maria Sole Ferragamo

Art meets architecture in the upcycle leather creations by jewel designer Maria Sole Ferragamo. Her innovative interpretation of her family history proves that the dialogue between past and present is an everlasting source of creativity. Let's discover together the daily items that accompany the work and life of this young Tuscan entrepreneur.

The Manifattura Tabacchi project

Manifattura Tabacchi is a former factory located west of the center of Florence. It was built in the 1930s and consists of sixteen buildings in rationalist style. After a significant recovery project, today it is a new centre for contemporary culture, an incubator of innovation and a new international pole for excellence, creativity, art, design and sustainable development. Let's discover it together.