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Closet and personality

With a little more conscience and a little less ease, we are back to packing for trips or weekends out of town. Let's find out together what our post-COVID-19 closet looks like and get some insight into our personality.

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The ethical values behind choosing vintage

If you are furnishing a house or if you are simply thinking of changing a piece of furniture, it is good practice to do a search first among antique and modern objects. Learn why and how to do it in a smart way with intOndo.

The digital acceleration caused by the pandemic

Impossible to predict, as shocking as a tsunami, as tragic as a war: this pandemic has literally revolutionized our lives. It made us feel like prisoners at home and powerless in the face of the invisible enemy. But we have never been really isolated thanks to the digital escape of modern life.

A cool hunter's itinerary

Cool hunters, who are they? They research cultural trends and provide innovative views on the future of consumer's products. This branch of product marketing picks up on sociology and anthropology to catch the big signs of change. They sit between innovators and influencers and their job behind the scene impacts the majority of the population. Let's discover together why cool hunting and vintage shopping is not so different today.

Vintage at the Fuori Salone in Milan

The recent edition of the Fuorisalone in Milan has relaunched the vintage that reaffirms itself as a source of inexhaustible inspiration for various design workshops. We'd like to give you a few examples that we've been particularly impressed with.

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Culture of all at once

Do you ever think how different life was just a decade ago without any smartphones? Without realising it, in a very short period of time we became cyborgs! Why? Because nowadays leaving home in the morning without a phone is like leaving without a hand: in substance, the phone today is, already, an extension of our body.

The value of uniqueness

We like to travel and explore different countries and cultures, entering their daily lives, discovering the customs of their peoples, immersing ourselves in the history of places more or less known that have witnessed the evolution of man in that local dimension.

Christmas tree miracle

Trees are a resource in continuous evolution: they have the ability to feed themselves and regenerate themselves with the sole help of light and water. The wood they produce has always been man's best ally and has contributed to our survival since the Stone Age. When it is masterfully worked by man, it can produce very different but always useful elements, such as paper, energy, some fabrics, some medicines and clearly many pieces of furniture that surround us.

Design items: new vs second-hand

We analyzed the market prices of some iconic design objects still in production, and then compared their prices with their "vintage" predecessors: the outcome of our investigation was less obvious than you might think.

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Why intOndo

intOndo is the result of a period of study on the circular economy that we have come to, aware of the need to move from linear systems (take - make - consume - throw away) to circular systems where products are designed to regenerate, be recycled or reused without generating waste.

Furnishing quickly, that's the problem... buy online!

Are you decorating your B&B? Have you bought a house and are you looking for a 50s mobile bar? Do you want to replace that cabinet in your room? Are you an interior designer or architect and are you looking for solutions for your clients?

intOndo presents timeless Italian furniture

Today we are opening this space to share reflections, news, anecdotes and information on the universe of Italian furniture that for centuries has been the undisputed protagonist and model of creativity and quality manufacturing in the world.