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Sofas: the 10 iconic designs of the 20th century

In the past century we have revolutionized the way we live and furnish our homes, introducing new elements that have become icons of style and functionality. Among these, sofas hold a special place, with models that combine aesthetics and functionality in innovative ways. Let's discover together the ten most iconic sofas of the 20th century, examples of timeless elegance and style.

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The rise of vintage reselling

In the sustainable furniture panorama, the phenomenon of reselling vintage furniture is growing fast: an approach that favors the creation of welcoming and functional environments through circularity, and without damaging the environment.

Christmas Gift Guide

Created to please the design enthusiast, the antique collector, the curious, the art lover and many others, our Christmas mini gift guide is a one-stop resource for finding just the right item for your loved ones. Be inspired by intOndo and give a unique item for your home or that of your loved ones.

AI and copyright

Generating art, fashion, photography with a button? Yes it's possible! And how do we regulate that? Discover where copyright stands when we talk about artificial intelligence content.

Meet you at Mercanteinfiera

After a successful Fall edition, from March 4 to March 12 Fiere di Parma opens again its gates to host the largest trade fair dedicated to antiques, collectables and vintage.

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Where is contemporary art going?

Frieze week, PaD Paris and the opening of the new exhibition season in international museums offer some clear signals about the main motives guiding the contemporary art world in recent years. Let's discover them together.

1, 2, 3 vintage: a few datas and some reassurance

If fashion has so far been the undisputed leader in the sphere of second-hand trade, today the furniture sector has also carved out a prominent role in this field. Let's look together at what the latest data shows us about recommerce, or the resale of furniture and decor?

When packaging is collectible

Not all packaging is to be discarded, how many times have you wanted to keep the beautiful box of a gift or the glass bottle of your favorite essence? Let's find out together why some packaging is almost as precious as its contents.

The (health) state of the art

Now that we're slowly getting back to normal, let's take a look at how the art market has changed. Discover with us new trends, upcoming appointments, and new sales formats.

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Digital art works, NFT and cryptocurrency explained in 5 points

Cryptocurrency, digital coins, NFT, today it is almost impossible to avoid talking about the digital art market. There is growing interest in un-material creations, not only works of art, but also digital design projects, and the market for these assets seems to be going crazy. But what are the rules and what are the opportunities?

When sustainability is part of your DNA

Circular Economy, how to look forward to the future, creating new processes and putting them in place: find out why being more sustainable is a must for us.

The future of vintage

How is furniture changing after the lockdown? Being the place where we spend a great deal of our time, the home changes with us. Versatility and upcycling are some of the trends that will influence the world of interiors during the new season that is about to begin.