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Digital art works, NFT and cryptocurrency explained in 5 points

Cryptocurrency, digital coins, NFT, today it is almost impossible to avoid talking about the digital art market. There is growing interest in un-material creations, not only works of art, but also digital design projects, and the market for these assets seems to be going crazy. But what are the rules and what are the opportunities?

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Best Vintage Moments: Nocturnal Animals

An appointment dedicated to the most spectacular interiors of TV series and films, sources of inspiration for furnishing our homes with unique vintage objects. Today we rediscover a 2016 shot film by one of the most original and sophisticated directors of the 2000s. Not just a director in fact…

The art of separating

Foldable and versatile, the vintage screen comes out into the open with its decorative qualities, just as it was in ancient China, when it was considered almost as a real painting, as well as with its practical function as a booth, which delimits spaces without imposing sharp boundaries.

A brief history of the word "design"

What lays behind the word "design"? Let's discover together the long tradition between art and technique that has distinguished this concept from antiquity to the present day.

Herman Miller: over a century later

intOndo brings back into circulation stories from the past of great brands which entered the history of 20th-century design. With its iconic furnishings, which are now a vintage market cult, Herman Miller is under the spotlight.

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Thonet v/s Chiavari chair

Today we decided to compare two great classics, two chairs that have two centuries of history behind them and are still highly sought after pieces of furniture: the Thonet chair and the Chiavari chair. Discover with us what they have in common and what distinguishes these two timeless objects.

Best vintage moments: The Queen's Gambit

This appointment is dedicated to the most spectacular vintage interiors of TV series and movies, sources of inspiration for furnishing our homes with unique objects. Here is a selection of unforgettable interiors taken from the most acclaimed Netflix series of the end of 2020.

Tradition and progress

Our appointment with extinct furniture companies continues! We like to remember their unique stories and their pieces of furniture, items that are still highly sought after by collectors. Today we report some curiosities about the history of the Sicilian furniture brand Ducrot, a pearl of Liberty style in Italy that had its base in Palermo. Active from the early 20th century to the 1970s, it also left its mark on the naval industry.

The designer take on museum aesthetics

"I have a great passion for the arts. I have always tried to expand my knowledge, to capture it, to understand [...]. I don't know how to write, I couldn't do a critical article, but I strongly believe in the values of art. And so they excite me", Carlo Scarpa, 1972. Discover with intOndo some key passages of the prolific dialogue between designers and museums in the XX century.

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Rational vintage

Born as office furniture, they conquer every room of the house: here come the vintage filing cabinets, efficient and rigorous, so much so that they've become the industrial style must-have. And not only that.


The charm and suggestions that come from the culture of Ancient Egypt seem to be spaceless and timeless. Egyptomania is a phenomenon that has pervaded the Western world since ancient Rome, passing through the Napoleonic era, the Deco style and contemporary art. Today it is a style that is neither ancient nor modern.

Wearable chair

Creating a chair able to follow the body like a shadow is a real challenge. Gianni Pettena did it in 1971 when he staged a performance with chairs meant to be worn like dresses. An experimentation, that of finding a anatomical handy chair, which keeps going today. Discover with us this design challenge that has involved artists, architects, engineers and designers.