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Closet and personality

With a little more conscience and a little less ease, we are back to packing for trips or weekends out of town. Let's find out together what our post-COVID-19 closet looks like and get some insight into our personality.

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The destiny of the Gurlitt collection

It is one of the most sensational discoveries of recent years, the Gurlitt art trove has kept scholars and experts busy for eight years, leaving behind a large collection of works of art and many shadows from the Nazi era. Discover with us this piece of European history.

The Bergère chair, a King's seat

Today we take for granted that a chair or an armchair is designed not only to be functional but also comfortable. But do you know what was the first type of chair to focus on comfort and relaxation? Discover with us the history of the Bergère chair.

Crisis and creativity for a redesigned house

While we are navigating the current pandemic, we look back at how past health emergencies have reshaped our way of living. It is an historical exercise that gives a new meaning to the structure of the modern home and is worth exploring.

Settebello, a train made of Italian style and design

Today we take you on the train that brought Italy out post-war period and became the symbol of industrial made in Italy. Designed and set up by Giò Ponti and Giulio Minoletti and then built by the company Ernesto Breda of Sesto San Giovanni (MI) in the years 1952-59, the Settebello train run on the most beautiful tracks in Italy until 1992. And soon its coaches will be able to live again.

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10 years of Pantone colors

What do the colors of the past tell us? The COTY, the famous Pantone competition that crowns the color of the year, just turned 20 and can tell us a lot about the nuances of our society. Let's take a look at the chromo taste of the last 10 years and let's bet on the next one.

CopenHill: a project of hedonistic sustainability

Maybe not all sports lover know Copenhagen's new artificial ski slope built on the ceiling of multi-use waste-to-energy plant. Served by carpets and ski lifts, it is 400 meters long track created with "made in Italy" materials. Let's discover it with intOndo.

A disco-style house

From the '60s to the 2000s, nightclubs have been the core of Pop culture, avant-garde and experimental places that now return to inspire interior design. Two exhibitions trace the history and furnishings of some legendary discos, those that were total works of art, where architecture and iconic furniture merged into a triumph of light, design and music.

The Manifattura Tabacchi project

Manifattura Tabacchi is a former factory located west of the center of Florence. It was built in the 1930s and consists of sixteen buildings in rationalist style. After a significant recovery project, today it is a new centre for contemporary culture, an incubator of innovation and a new international pole for excellence, creativity, art, design and sustainable development. Let's discover it together.

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Monopoly, the evergreen!

We all know Monopoly, or the Landlord's game as it was originally called. With his millionaire addresses and his dreaded prison, it is a board game that has to do with real estate, its risks, money speculation and investments. Its popularity is no surprise, but do you know the history of the game?

Long live our free time

Autumn has arrived, and with the return to the rhythms of everyday life, organizing time outside of work and commitments becomes a priority, paradoxically almost a "duty": who is not thinking about, or even already planning, an escape into nature? Or about starting a hobby or a sport again? These are moments of leisure beyond the home, and not only that: it's time for renewal and good intentions, therefore the home becomes the ideal space to give vent to creativity and furnish an area dedicated to reading, cinema, relaxation ... and why not, simple idleness.

This sewing machine made design history

Sewing machines owe their success largely, but not only, to the female sphere. However here we want to talk about design, rather than domestic education, by telling the story of how these machines originated and outlining the success of the Italian company Necchi, which has been producing sewing machines in Pavia for 100 years. This well known Italian factory was born thanks to the insistence of a woman and won several Compasso d'oro.