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The Fall Mercanteinfiera show is back

Open call for all art collectors, historical design enthusiasts and lovers of beauty: Mercanteinfiera is back at Fiere di Parma, Italy, from 1 to 9 October. Don't miss out the chance to experience an unforgettable treasure hunt.

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The glass box: the talent of Lina Bo Bardi

intOndo continues its rediscovery of those Italian talents who made the world the theater of their most significant works. We dive into the heart of Brazil, a land where architect and designer Lina Bo Bardi found her greatest creative achievements.

4 Iconic tables that have made design history

Trends come and go, but some objects remain iconic: let's take a look together at the surprising (and sometimes strange) story behind 4 of the most famous design tables of the last century.

Magical atmospheres: the most beautiful libraries in the world

Are books your passion? Here are 5 of the most beautiful European libraries in the world: architectural jewels, wonderful places of silence, knowledge and curiosity.

Vivai del Sud: furniture for unforgettable gardens

Spring has finally arrived and at intOndo we look to the past for inspiration and new ideas for garden decoration. Our journey of discovery into outdoor decor began in Rome in the 1950s, with the company Vivai del Sud.

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Lounge Chair vs Barcelona Chair

A comparison between two icons of 20th century design. They belong to different eras but have in common comfort and timeless lines, which make them musts of the contemporary interior: the Lounge Chair and the Barcelona chair. Rediscover their characteristics with us.

Branding Italian culture

Follow us on a journey at the root of "made in Italy", a trademark that from the fifteenth century to today has (almost) never lost its luster.

Industrial design's touch on our closets

Fashion, art, and architecture are becoming increasingly closer to industrial design. The designers of the 20th and 21st centuries bring their practical touch to our wardrobes with stunning results.

Mother-of-pearl, a delicate force

Known and handworked since Sumerian times, mother-of-pearl has fascinated people all over the world for centuries. Today, intOndo takes you on a journey to discover the origin and use of this timeless material.

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200 years of Napoleonic style

On the occasion of the bicentenary of the death of Emperor Napoleon I, intOndo celebrates the Empire style in all its different facets. Come with us to discover the man who, according to Victor Hugo, had "chained France and unleashed Europe".

Lie down, in style

With its dominant curved line, the chaise longue is a great classic that never looks inappropriate, whatever environment it is placed in. An image of comfort, in whatever style you prefer it to be.

Venini's first 100 years in Murano

This year the historic Venini factory, one of Murano's historic furnaces, reached an important milestone: a century of life. Let's rediscover together some steps of this long history.