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6 objects for a portrait of Laura Cucchi de Alessandri, Lissoni & Partners

A career spent in one of Italy's most renowned architectural firms is reflected in the highly personal choices for home furnishings made by Laura Cucchi de Alessandri, Project Manager at Lissoni Graphx Milano. Her technical eye invites us to look at what is hidden behind 6 objects of design and good craftsmanship.

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Sconce hunt!

Flagship of the interior that combines elegance with discretion, the vintage wall lamp has survived the decades and re-emerges in the contemporary home bringing a touch of personality.

All in one fitted wall unit

Multifunctional panels that used to equip an entire wall in the 50s are popular on the vintage market. From these, inspirations to furnish the walls in an unprecedented way arise, establishing interesting connections between past and contemporary taste.

The best vintage moments ... in music

In the most iconic music videos, sounds, colors, objects and furnishings are in dialogue, enhancing the sphere of the senses with beautiful things to see. Get inspired by some of our favorite music sets and think about your hit parade to influence the mood of your home!

A thousand ideas in a trunk

Evoking the journey to distant destinations, antique and Mid-century trunks live a second life in the spaces of the house, where they become containers or display tables, suitable for all rooms.

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6 tips to care for vintage and antique furniture

As active promoters of reusing, reviving, and rediscovering pre-existing home furnishing, we know a few little tricks to maintain and improve vintage and antique items. Discover with us a few DIY tips to care for your favorite objects.

Organized chaos

Whether eccentric and messy, or rigorous and minimalist, artists' studios are the mirror of their work. The objects in them are often of vintage taste, conveying special atmospheres and inspiring our homes and our personal ateliers.

Wrapped in comfort

Surrounding ourselves with objects that make us feel good and awaken our senses, designing the space of the house to feel 100% at ease, choosing furnishings that have a story to tell: here are some of the ingredients to carve out an ideal comfort zone.

Organically vintage

Vintage furniture showing natural materials applied to sinuous shapes is the next trend in interiors. Wood, bamboo, rattan. It's the great revival of organic design.

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Under intOndo's Christmas tree

If you have not yet found the right gift for someone special or you are still undecided, read our tips for this Christmas and get inspired!

5 tips to reduce waste when shopping online

(Almost) everyone agrees, the time has come to change our lifestyle by adopting more sustainable behavior to benefit our planet. But how to do it? Let's start with online shopping, discover with us 5 steps to become a more responsible consumer.

Vintage revolution

From innovative appliances to iconic furnishings, we've selected ten objects that revolutionized the domestic panorama forever. But the list would be very long. The word is yours ... follow us on Instagram!