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Life in plastic: can it be fantastic?

Demonized and mistreated, plastic is the most controversial material of recent years. Madly loved in the last century and produced in huge quantities and varieties, today it has a very bad reputation. But is it all deserved?

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Going with the flow with vintage

Personalize spaces, show off the imperfections that make the materials unique, dare with objects that evoke memories and make us feel good. These are some of the upcoming summer season trends in interior design.

The good things about the 80s

The 80s are coming back and, as expected, they are not doing it quietly: colour blocking, animal prints and strong contrasts to remind everyone that the watchword is to dare. Don't worry, this time we can choose! What have we missed and what, instead, will we not regret about the 80s?

Bring a green touch to your interior

The subject of studies by Nasa, indoor plants and their properties are a great resource especially in winter when the air in your home is drier and more dusty. Find out with us what you need to know before choosing a plant to include in your decor.

The art of decor: how to include burl wood furniture in modern interiors

Elegant and sophisticated, or pompous and heavy? Briarwood furniture is a unique and original element, but not always easy to match. Let's take a look at some tricks to enhance your briar furniture, without risking a "museum effect".

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The silent success of wool

From the Olympic stands, to the high fashion catwalks, but also through vintage stalls and contemporary art installations, knitwear is finally living its golden moment. Nothing new, at least for those of us who love original fabrics and vintage atmospheres.

Sustainability: take action now!

Which are the top 3 words of 2021? If the ranking is certainly dominated by Covid, followed closely by vaccines, the third word we’ve seen featured in all media globally is certainly sustainability, with its cross-cutting meaning in the environmental, economic and social spheres.

In a Bloomsbury kind of mood

A century after its success, the aesthetic taste of London's best-known intellectual circle, the Bloomsbury Group, is more relevant than ever.

Under the 2021 Christmas tree

A few ideas for those who already feel immersed in the festive Christmas mood and are looking for original gifts to give.

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5 Tips for integrating Art Nouveau into your interior

How to bring Art Nouveau furniture up to date: a fairytale style for unforgettable interiors.

Marble and wood for a durable look

Apparently opposites, marble and wood share common characteristics and elegant colour variations that make them original and unique. Discover with intOndo how to combine them and which furnishings are best suited to this exceptional combination.

Best vintage moments: closets and dream houses

Consecrated by cinema and TV, the wardrobe is a room of wonders designed in the name of glamor and small retro-inspired treasures.