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Glass under another light

At intOndo we love to discover stories and anecdotes about the different materials behind our objects. This time we get to know the Corning Museum of Glass, the largest institution in the world dedicated to glass.

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5 tips on how to add folklore to your home

Traveling means meeting new cultures and traditions which are so fascinating that we wish to bring home at least one element to reminds us of this new dimension. But how to chose something that doesn't clash with your home decor? Today we offer you 5 tips to choose a note of folklore to match your style.

Closet and personality

With a little more conscience and a little less ease, we are back to packing for trips or weekends out of town. Let's find out together what our post-COVID-19 closet looks like and get some insight into our personality.

A wall decor guide

You found a work of art that would be perfect for your home, but you don't know where and how to hang it? Discover the best curatorial approach with these few rules on how to hang your paintings and decorative pieces.

5 tips from the Theory of color

Some ideas have an extremely practical and tangible application, among them the theory of colours which has a centuries-old history. Art meets science in the study of colors which was first translated by Isaac Newton (1642-1727) into the color disk scheme, then investigated and theorized by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) and more recently defined by Johannes Itten (1888-1967), one of the first Bauhaus professors. Find here our 5 basic tips on how to use it.

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DYI: 5 tips for a home lifting

Making photo albums, calling friends you haven't heard from in a lifetime and trying a new recipe in the kitchen are some of today’s popular activities. And, we shall add, that these are good times to take care of small projects for your house. There is no better occasion to devote yourself to these activities and get a little satisfaction from your "do it yourself" interior design.

A guide to online cultural resources

Day after day hundreds of cultural initiatives are launched on the web to replace exhibitions, conferences and trade shows suppressed or postponed to avoid the spread of Covid-19. From activities for children to performing arts events and interviews with artists, designers and curators, let's discover together the best of the online cultural offer.

Are you wishing to be somewhere else? Find a green project

We bet that right now most of you are dying to be somewhere else. Because of our resilient nature, we offer you a solution that is an entertainment as well as an aesthetic upgrade for your home and an educational activity: invest some of your time to build a new green area in the house, on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden.

Create the ideal home office with these 5 tips

intOndo suggests you how to be productive at home without putting your physical and mental well-being at risk. By following these five simple steps you can make the most of your home space and use your time wisely.

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Back to books, in and out of the home

Books are our personal treasure and we shall not underestimate them: they are a resource from all points of view and as much as they can enlighten our minds, so they make an impact on our home decor.

Patterns, vintage furniture and lots of color

For those who have a retro soul, combining vintage furniture with wallpaper and fabric geometrical patterns is now a big trend. In addition, new motifs are proposed by contemporary wallpaper brands, deeply inspired by the patterns appearing on vintage collectible fabrics and furnishings.

Vintage shines at midnight

On cold winter evenings, the house lights up with shimmering and warming details. From the sumptuous atmospheres inspired by the roaring '20s of The Great Gatsby, to the sophisticated design of the '70s, glamor is the watchword. Green light for gold, silver, brass and colored glass!