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Dream houses around the world: Gio Ponti's multifaceted talent

While an exhibition dedicated to Gio Ponti's architecture is on display at MAXXI in Rome, intOndo introduces you to three houses he designed in South America and Iran. Built between the '50s and '60s, they are examples of made in Italy avant-garde and timeless modernity, which still influences the way contemporary living space is conceived.

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Vintage shines at midnight

On cold winter evenings, the house lights up with shimmering and warming details. From the sumptuous atmospheres inspired by the roaring '20s of The Great Gatsby, to the sophisticated design of the '70s, glamor is the watchword. Green light for gold, silver, brass and colored glass!

Wandering around designer cafés

More and more major fashion brands are associated with cafes and restaurants today. When you visit these unique food destinations, meals, pastries and cocktails get out of the kitchen as if they were in a haute couture runway. Every detail is curated with style and elegance for an unforgettable experience. Let's get to know some of these fashion designer's bars and restaurants.

Design at the dining table

Do you ever think that every thing that surrounds us is designed by someone? And do you know which are the objects that over time have caught designers' attention more than others? Crockery, plates, cutlery and glasses. Because look matters even more when we are seating around a table.

Coiffeuse mon amour

The French call it "coiffeuse" or "bonheur du jour"; also known as the "vanity", the dressing table (a piece of furniture which originated in the 18th century) is now coming back into fashion, and this is a trend spreading not only inside the home, but also in the hospitality sector.

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White, the color(less) that gets never out of fashion

Some people consider it therapeutic and some are shocked by it. White is a neutral color only apparently, it has a rebellious soul and at instances can be very provocative. The result of the union of the seven primary colors, it is the most brilliant of all and reigns beautifully over all. That's why white survives every fashion and every combination. Let's appreciate its invisible shades and our choice will be spotless.

5 tips to create a successful Bed & Breakfast.

Hospitality has silently become a source of income for many. The business usually starts by renting a single room or a small apartment and little by little other environments flourish. The demand is very high, but how can our B&B stand out in the mare magnum of the offers proposed for example on Airbnb?

Travel and inspiration diary

Traveling can make you grow, learn and explore both new locations and the inner part of yourself. When we leave our comfort zone, we get new ideas and inspirations. Keeping a dedicated diary of all the steps of our travel is the best way to bring these suggestions with us. Let's be clear we are not talking of becoming travelers, in the romantic sense of the word, but we just want to give you some advice on how to pin down design ideas encountered on the way, in order to have them handy when you have to decorate or update your home.

From the sea to your home: seashells between modern look and DIY

Don't think we are only following the recent fashion trends, or that we want to go hand in hand with the summer season, today we want to talk about seashells especially because we think that they are the symbol of how the house, even that of a small creature, can and should be beautiful and refined. Here are a few tips on how to bring a little sea decor to your home.

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Rustic style in the round

We can almost say that it is as old as man, the rustic style is possibly the most antique of all styles. Yet it holds its charm even in a global world like ours. The arrival of summer makes us think of villas immersed in unspoilt nature, where from a loggia or a window, you can breathe the countryside's aromas, the scents of plants, flowers and fruits. But what rustic suits you better?

Cabinets of Curiosity

If you think that unicorns, mermaids, taxidermy and rare collections of shells and butterflies are just a fashion of our time, you are wrong. Far from being a modern invention, they have been the core of Wunderkammers in royal palaces, churches and aristocratic residences since the Renaissance. Today, between an exotic-themed party, an animalier runaway and a dip into a pool full of rainbow-colored unicorns, intOndo wishes to emphasize the most intrinsic value of these wonders.

Instagram Style

Spring has finally arrived, the days have lengthened and the birds have started to twitter again. The desire to renew yourself is making its way and the best way to do this is to start from your own living space.