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Biedermeier style, modern antiques for your homes

Looking for furniture with simple and functional lines but don't want to give up the timeless charm of antiques? Here is the Biedermeier style, "modern" antiques without frills and ornaments.

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Trend hunting

Grooved wood, raw iron and soft fabrics guide interior design towards a taste that finds important sources of inspiration in the vintage world. Let's find out how in this section dedicated to the autumn season trends.

History of the Peacock chair: from jail to the red carpet

A strong decorative impact, a rich history and many, many fans: these are just some of the ingredients for the now century-old recipe for the fortune of the Peacock chair.

Mediterranean to discover

With its countless islands, Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Let's recreate a “revival” in our interiors, inspired by the Greek destinations par excellence.

The bed: a brief history

Everything started in prehistoric times, when it was limited to being a makeshift straw bed...

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Red, yellow and blue: primary even in art and design

They are the absolute ones, the foundational ones from which all others derive. Perhaps that is precisely why primary colors played a defining role in the 20th century. Let's find out why artists and designers chose them.

Art History, the must have books

Suitable for specialists, amateurs, collectors or just curious people, today we suggest some texts that tell about art history. Enrich your library with some relevant books from yesterday and today.

Quilts and patchwork: between history, trend and sustainability

It furnishes the bedroom but can become a picnic blanket: the quilt is back in fashion, a symbol of warmth, attention to detail, but also an icon of social issues and emblem of a know-how that has ancient origins.

A peek among intOndo's wardrobes

A space to organize clothes, a decorative element or even a portal to another world? Today we talk about wardrobes, how they have evolved over time and how they can become a valuable decorative element in your home.

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Life in plastic: can it be fantastic?

Demonized and mistreated, plastic is the most controversial material of recent years. Madly loved in the last century and produced in huge quantities and varieties, today it has a very bad reputation. But is it all deserved?

Going with the flow with vintage

Personalize spaces, show off the imperfections that make the materials unique, dare with objects that evoke memories and make us feel good. These are some of the upcoming summer season trends in interior design.

The good things about the 80s

The 80s are coming back and, as expected, they are not doing it quietly: colour blocking, animal prints and strong contrasts to remind everyone that the watchword is to dare. Don't worry, this time we can choose! What have we missed and what, instead, will we not regret about the 80s?