Marcello Cuneo

Initially a law student, Marcello Cuneo (Cagliari, 1933 - 2015) changed his educational path to study architecture, painting and sculpture. He became an architect and an interior designer, and during the '60s he worked alongside Gio Ponti on various international projects including large stores, offices and museums. His Longobarda lamp, made of ceramic moulded into a single piece, won the Palladio Prize in 1967 for the application of ceramics to industrial design. His pieces were exhibited in the great show "Italy: the New Domestic Landscape" at the MoMA in New York in 1972. From the '70s onwards, Cuneo dedicated himself to his personal projects, designing for Italian and international brands such as Arflex, Cassina, Mobel and the German brand Comforto.

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