Travel with us and get inspired

Each place has its own tradition, knowledge and its precious craft and industrial technics. Find the piece that best matches the style of your home and discover with us new worlds and cultures.


Designed to become an artwork

The first of all styles, no matter where you are, is the Italian style. In interior design this implies a know how that can be tracked back generation by generation. Its uniqueness is the ability to combine tradition with innovation. At the base of the Italian style stands original materials sapiently crafted by italian masters, artisans and designers to become works of everlasting art.

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Welcome to simplicity and functionality

Soft colors palette, geometrical shapes and warm materials make the Scandinavian style perfect for any kind of environment. Starting from the 50s, in the Northern countries designers started crafting minimal and essential furniture made in wood and other solid materials. Their style, with its hygge simplicity and functionality, became soon timeless and always welcoming.

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Far and wide perfection

Our search for charming objects has lead us far and wide. We have been taken by the elegance and peace of Asian art and its perfection. This style includes refined objects sapiently crafted by real masters. Every house should have an item coming from far away as it makes you travel with your mind through different cultures.

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Tradition and relationship with nature.

Let’s think of an English library: a big desk with period details in the center, a comfortable armchair in green leather on the side and lots of equestrian paintings hanging on the boiserie walls. The main materials are wood, fragrant leather, brass and mixed colorful fabrics. Never too pretentious, the English style emphasizes tradition and relationship with nature: a perfect mix.

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Sophisticated atmosphere and rustic charm

This style of decor encapsulates the country houses from Provence, the elegant and old chateaux from the Loire, as well as the romantic Parisian bistrò. Its strength stands in the union between sophisticated atmospheres and rustic charm. Vintage French furniture is acknowledged for its delabree colors and natural tones, but also for its geometrical shapes and its classic touch which makes these pieces examples of pure elegance.

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Folk mixed with inspiration

Let’s think about the traditional rocking chair, with its bow back, where it is said that the first American flag was sewn: it renders what the American style is all about. Its mix of influences, from colonial to imperial, has been characterizing American furniture and design for years and often takes inspiration from the Old continent imaginary.

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Middle European

A limitless style.

Setting borders to central Europe is not an easy task: Germany, Austria, Swizzerland, Belgium, Poland, Czechia, Hungary, stretching till Russia. Thus this area’s style is limitless: fron the richness of free carving in the gothic manner, to the simplicity of the Beidermeier furniture, until the pure functionalism of the modern Bauhaus design. There is something for anyone.

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Rest of the world

Limitless vintage design

Mix of styles, high craftsmanship and sublime beauty, these are the requirements that you will find in this section which brings together real treasures of furnishing and decor. Do not stop at what is most familiar to you, travel with us exploring objects from all over the world. 

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