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Living room

The heart of a house

Living or sitting room, no matter how you call it, this is the heart of a house. When you decorate this space, comfort and hospitality are the first thing that you should have in mind. A reclining seat or a chaise long convey a sense of relaxation, while a soft sofa is an ideal place to share precious moments together. Just add a nice floor lamp, a green plant and a cozy carpet and practically you can say that the house is done.

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A room that tells your story

This is the most sacred space of the house and the most intimate. Side tables, lighting, carpets, pillows and soft benches, make the atmosphere of this room, but they also tell your story. The furniture and decor in this room will accompany you each night and we think that should consist of treasures picked with love and care.

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Dining area

Something different for every mood.

This is the room dedicated to conviviality and entertainment for your guests. Your dining area could be large, small or part of your living space, but here is where people will get a sense of your home and your taste. And even if you don’t have guests at your table, you can still create a different setting each time. Let’s then be creative and have something for every mood.

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An area for special moments

Let’s think about it as your house, your shop or your office’s trademark: this space deserves the same attention that any other, if not more. It doesn’t need much to be warm and agreeable: a coat rack, an umbrella stand, a place to store your keys, bag and helmet. It will then be ready to welcome special moments like your child’s hug, your dog’s greet or your sight of relief at the end of the day.

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Where you can endlessly play with vintage pieces

This is the room where you can endlessly play with vintage pieces: appliances, marble top tables, handcrafted plates, copper pans, Mid-century chairs and whatever else you want. Today the kitchen tends to be dominated by the 50s and 60s styles, but here you can play with furniture as much as you do with your ingredients.


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Office and studio

The fascinating story of where we create

For some reason the studio was always surrounded by a certain fascination: paintings, photographs, prints and drawings record the long tradition - mainly artistic - dedicated to this space where ideas become projects, words, music, drawings and any other creative form. After an exquisite desk, a comfortable chair and your computer, what would you place in this room to make it more personal and productive?

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Service areas

Solve storage and space issues

Every residence has one of these spaces and we should take advantage of them to store the things that lack a dedicated place. A service bathroom, a corridor or a mezzanine, if well organized can solve many storage and space issues. Look into your vintage options and be surprised by findings that seem custom made for your small spaces.

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As though it was a second living room

Why don’t we start thinking about the outdoors as our second living room? Of course its dimension is not always comparable, but a well laid back and put together balcony, patio, terrace or garden can change the way we live our outdoor space. We are not only talking of metal chairs or colorful tables, but also pillows, carpets and vases can help enjoying the good season.

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Private area and that's not it

Yes, this is where we want privacy, but not only. Here, more than anywhere else, we have to feel at ease, that’s why one has to care for its bathroom as for any other room of the house. There are many ways to make this place warm and cozy: a coordinated set of towels, a silver tray with few colored bottles for perfumes or lotions and much more, can enhance this area. Just search what would suit you the most.

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