Gae Aulenti

After graduating at the polytechnic university of Milan in 1953, Gae Aulenti (Palazzolo dello Stella, Udine, 4 December 1927 - Milan, 31 October 2012) took her first steps in the world of furniture becoming interested in Neoliberty, an eclectic trend that reinterpreted the dynamic forms of art nouveau, art déco and Michael Thonet's curved wood furniture. Aulenti’s career was influenced by architecture, by the publishing industry (she was an editor at Casabella magazine from 1955 to 1965) and by set design: she was in fact associated with director Luca Ronconi, for whom she designed extraordinary sets in the '60s and '70s. Aesthetic sensitivity and knowledge of materials are at the heart of her most significant furnishings, which are still in production, such as the Pipistrello lamp, designed in 1965 for Martinelli Luce, and the Table with wheels for Fontana Arte, designed in 1980.

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