Ingo Maurer

German designer Ingo Maurer (Reichenau, 1932) has been described as the "poet of light" for the ability of his lamps to mix high tech, scenic effects and imagination. He started designing them in 1958, after completing his graphic design studies in Munich, and in 1960 he founded his own brand Design M, which later became Ingo Maurer GmbH. His creations mostly follow an open scheme, conceived as an integral part of an interior rather than as simple modular objects. An example of this is Ya YaHo (1988), a lighting system whose elements can also be purchased individually, depending on the type of installation you want to obtain. Among the cult objects of Design M there is also a product that goes beyond lighting: Uten.Silo, the shiny plastic pocket panel designed in '69 by Maurer's wife, Dorothee Maurer Becker.

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