Moodboard / Marie Antoinette

"In idleness, in dreams, the submerged truth sometimes comes to the surface" Virginia Woolf, writer


Slow interiors: research, enhancement of objects from the past, an investment in the stories that things tell. The 18th century reinterpreted in a rock key in Sofia Coppola's movie, from the splendor of Versailles to the floral furnishing fabrics that reappear on the clothes of the main characters, offers vintage ideas to search for and revive unique pieces. From hat racks and old boxes to restored old headboards, from fringed lampshades to cast iron bathtubs, tones are pastel and dusty, and the dominant material is capitonné velvet or leather. Same touch from the bedroom to the living room, with the wise addition of carefully chosen old furniture, newly upholstered. Shapes are enveloping, rooms are illuminated by antique mirrors and glass objects found at flea markets.