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Painted majolica vase by Mazzotti Albisola, early 20th century

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Painted majolica vase with two handles by Mazzotti (Albisola), early 20th century. Giuseppe Mazzotti, known as Bausin, was born into a family of potters in Albissola Marina on 17 November 1865. At a very young age he worked as an apprentice at the ceramic tableware factory of Nicolò Fornari in Albisola Capo. After a few years he was hired as a lathe turner in the Bonfiglio factory in Livorno. Subsequently, still as a potter, he moved to Naples where he worked at the workshop that the Piccone family from Albisola had opened in the Neapolitan capital. Back in Albisola he works as a potter in Nicolò Poggi's furnace under the direction of Luigi Quaglino. In 1893 he married Caterina Gerbino Promis. Three children were born from the marriage: Torido in 1895, Tullio in 1899 and Vittoria in 1907. In 1903 he set up on his own by opening a workshop, the Fabbrica di Ceramiche d'Arte Tradizionali e Moderne di Giuseppe Mazzotti, subsequently called simply M.G.A., in vicolo del Pozzo Garitta in the center of Albissola Marina and three years later he won, with some of his works, a gold medal at the Artisan Exhibition in Savona. His work and above all that of his sons Tullio and Torido, who collaborate with him in the manufacture, obtains numerous awards in Italy and around the world. In Paris in 1935 he received the Grand Prix. The manufactory always obtains great successes and becomes famous both for the avant-garde production it creates and for counting among its collaborators the most important artists and ceramists active in the Albisole. With the Second World War the factory was forced to close and in 1944 Giuseppe Mazzotti died as a displaced person in San Michele di Mondovì.

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