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Hollywood Regency

Vibrant colors and contrasting texture

Vibrant colors and contrasting surfaces distinguish one of the most fashionable styles at the moment, the Hollywood Regency. Mirrors and metals with baroque accents blend and compare in comfortable and glamorous environments. Surprisingly enough this trend is a recent invention, the Hollywood Regency style originated in the 1920s with some of the first American interior designers.

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Espressive texture

Raw materials and bare texture characterize postwar art and architecture, while silently expressing the condition of a certain time. Now it is time to reread the so-called Brutalism with new eyes by enhancing its natural values and geometric perfection.

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A new energy for the everyday home

It's time to rethink our life between home and work and to approach the environments we live in with new energy. The rhythms of daily life are also marked by the furniture and decor that we choose for our home and office, and the current environmental circumstances push us to review them, reinvent them, or simply question them to get new interesting stimuli.

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Where space meets time

From seventeenth-century frames to spece age chiars and tables, oval shapes never stopped to fascinate us. A symbol of nature's unchanging perfection, the oval survives any test of time and urges us to look beyond the mundane dimension by stretching ourselves in pursuit of the sublime celestial ellipses.  

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Between Gothic and Rococo

Named after the designer Thomas Chippendale, this style is perhaps the first successful English look. The mix of Chinese, Rococo, and Neo-Gothic styles will amuse owners and guests of a beautiful home.


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