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Hollywood Regency

Vibrant colors and contrasting texture

Vibrant colors and contrasting surfaces distinguish one of the most fashionable styles at the moment, the Hollywood Regency. Mirrors and metals with baroque accents blend and compare in comfortable and glamorous environments. Surprisingly enough this trend is a recent invention, the Hollywood Regency style originated in the 1920s with some of the first American interior designers.

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A theatrical style that is always trendy

Tabernacle frames, antique sideboards, capitals, damask velvet armchairs, and carved chests, are some of the elements of neo-Gothic style. Especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, Medieval and Renaissance style has had a long revival since the Nineteenth century dominating architectural and interior design projects. An extremely theatrical trend that never seems to go out of fashion. 

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Shabby chic

When time makes you look classy

Do you know those elegant old ladies that never age? There are objects from the past that carry their story with the same great class. A used piece of furniture becomes chic when it bears the signs of its previous life without losing the charm of its patina. Explore our selection of Shabby Chic objects, elements that adapt to any environment for their unmistakable aura of originality. 

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The purity of an essential ambience

Only the essential elements of furniture and design emerge in a minimalist environment. Simple and clean lines characterize the objects produced by designers who feel part of this movement which emerged in the 60s inhering the modernist lesson. A transformative process of the 20th century which is still extremely relevant today.

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