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The geometry of nature

At the top of the 2022 trend list the fascination with the forms of nature keeps a primary place. Organic look and material are to be included in all their variations within the modern home. Floral fabrics, imaginative wallpapers, exposed plants and woven rushes are now a must-have in any season. 


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Let's start with the past

We won't stop repeating it: in our future we must have an eye on what the past has handed down to us. It's not just one of the good intentions for the year to come, but a real trend that pushes us to choose good quality objects with a retro taste. What are you waiting for then, we have already selected them for you.

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Unconventional design

Postmodernist movement in the 80s and 90s was a real rebellion. Artists and designers challenged modern design with unconventional ideas, playful and extravagant works in which function detached itself from form. A seemingly simplistic and contradictory look that fits perfectly with the complexity of our times.  

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Triumphal aesthetics

Enlightenment brought with it a wide range of artistic and artisanal experimentation: precious materials were combined with inlaid woods, sumptuous fabrics and lacquered porcelain. The rule  is to "amaze", thus the fervid creative spirit of the 18th century translates even the smallest project into a triumphant scene for the delight of the contemporary eye. 

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