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Art and color

Sometimes the street enters the house making our rooms more musical, lively, and totally unexpected. Not only wall decor but also furnishings seems to be chosen almost as a joke, a bit like some of the key figures in contemporary society.

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Charme and patina

It is almost as old as mankind, rustic style is among most traditional existing decor habits, yet its charm persists and is renewed even in today’s global world. In its various declinations, a sturdy and well-made piece of furniture gives a touch of warmth to any room.

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The elegance of classic shapes

Furniture, decor, tableware, shapes and fabrics that refer to Antiquity never go out of fashion. Let’s ban excesses and make way for the classic and elegant lines of furniture and decor that take inspiration from myths, military, intellectual or moral virtues.

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“Less is more”, Mies van der Rohe

Figlio dell’era industriale, il modernismo ha posto nuove basi per l’architettura e il design coniando un canone basilare per qualsiasi professionista e un vero e proprio stile di vita per noi utenti. Trova oggetti per la casa pratici, ingegnosi ed essenziali che non passeranno mai di moda.

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