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Choose your style and get inspired by our seasonal selection of trends, you will find the latest inspiration from the interior design world. Your one-of-a-kind item is waiting for you.


A pure look

Choose the purity of natural shapes and materials to furnish your home and start a more sustainable lifestyle: good environmental and dietary habits are also reflected in the style of the contemporary home. Not only pre-existing furniture but also raw and natural materials are increasingly taking over in the new season.

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Art and color

Sometimes the street enters the house making our rooms more musical, lively, and totally unexpected. Not only wall decor but also furnishings seems to be chosen almost as a joke, a bit like some of the key figures in contemporary society.

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Space Age

Back to the future

The legendary garments of designer Pierre Cardin, who recently passed away, make us rediscover the exuberant view of the future that characterized the past. Clean lines, elliptical and minimalist bodies give the house new energy, all that is needed to start the new year.

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Rigor and grandeur

Ancient Egypt, classical and Roman art come alive in the furniture chosen by Emperor Napoleon in the early 19th century. With their grandiose look and timeless rigor, Empire furniture is the right choice for the new season where we are all looking for versatility and elegance.


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