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Create the ideal home office with these 5 tips

intOndo suggests you how to be productive at home without putting your physical and mental well-being at risk. By following these five simple steps you can make the most of your home space and use your time wisely.

Workstation: Productivity and well-being shuold be prioritozed when it comes to chose where to work at home. Avoid the areas where you usually rest, such as the bedroom, to let your mind get used to different stimuli. We reccomend sitting at a table or a desk next to a window or a bookcase to include some creativity in your daily work.

Privacy: Think of your home as an open workspace or a co-working environment. If you find yourself working together with other family members, you can create your own separate area in the living room or kitchen using screens, plants or low furniture. The latter can be used as shelves for books, stationery or any personal items that you wish to keep handy.

Background: For a professional effect don't forget to take care of the area behind you. Many of the activities required these days take place on video calls and it's up to you to decide how much of your home intimacy you want to share with your colleagues. A decorated panel, a painting, a curtain or even a custumized background on your laptop can prevent you from having unconventional conversations.

Sitting: Not everyone has at home the right place to seat for many hours in a row. Among the investments you can make these days, a good chair is perhaps the best. We advise you to avoid buying an office piece, you might regret it in a few months. Opt for an ergonomically designed seat instead. Or a school chair which as well as being a low cost solution is designed to keep your attention high and help your posture.

Technology. The ideal workstation will be located next to an electrical outlet or, even better, near a power strip with many sockets for computers, phones and all the other equipment you need. Also, remember that good headphones can help isolate you from your surroundings, helping concentration and optimizing phone or video communication.