The Bergère chair, a King's seat

Today we take for granted that a chair or an armchair is designed not only to be functional but also comfortable. But do you know what was the first type of chair to focus on comfort and relaxation? Discover with us the history of the Bergère chair.

It is one of those evergreen classic designs: it endlessly returns in the repertoire of ancient, modern and even contemporary manufactures. The Bergère armchair is a must, because for more than three centuries it has been a comfortable companion for its owners. Its distingished design, with closed sides, was born in the 18th century when chairs were mostly solid and not very comfortable.

The Bergère armchair was designed with a large upholstered seat covered in fabric, but it can also have a canneté backrest with small padded armrests to support the elbows. What really characterizes it is the design of the closed  sides often shaped in large "ears" at the head. These elements are designed to rest during reading or even to take a small nap.

To qualify as such, the Bergère armchair must have a visible carved or gilded wood frame, a deep padded seat and upholstered armrests and cushions. Among the various models we remember the more squared one called Bergère a la Reine, the short and deep one called Bergère Marquis, and the more curved model called Bergère Cabriolet. As can be deduced from the names these are all aristocratic seats, in fact they are inspired by the furniture of the court of France: Louis IX, Louis X and Louis XVI.

A real king's seat then, that has been decorating living rooms all over the world since the end of the Baroque era!