6 daily items to get to know Maria Sole Ferragamo

Art meets architecture in the upcycle leather creations by jewel designer Maria Sole Ferragamo. Her innovative interpretation of her family history proves that the dialogue between past and present is an everlasting source of creativity. Let's discover together the daily items that accompany the work and life of this young Tuscan entrepreneur.

We asked Maria Sole Ferragamo, the founder of SO-LE Studio, to select 6 daily items that speak about her life and work. What comes out is a portrait of a young woman capable of combining new worlds and ancient traditions both in the production of her jewels and in the management of her everyday life. Her creations are one-of-a-kind pieces built using leather and leather scraps from the greatest luxury brands: with their soft and light shapes, and their finishes inspired by the organic world and architectural geometries, these neglected elements are transformed into contemporary and contemporary accessories. Discover with intOndo what fuels a creative mind.

1. Il Calzolaio dei Sogni, edizione del 1971

This is the copy my father gave me for my 12th birthday. His inscription at the beginning of the book is the link between this wonderful story and my present. It is a daily source of inspiration and guidance.

2. Illy Coffee Machine

One of my favorite moments of the day is breakfast, early in the morning, when all is still quiet around. It is for me a moment of intimacy and reflection, I love to spend it in the company of the excellent coffee made by this Illy machine.


3. "Tirabaci" earrings by SO-LE Studio

One of the first earrings I made. Made of reused leather scraps, like most of my creations. They look like heavy metal, but they're not heavy at all. I love wearing them with jeans and shirt, to enhance an everyday look.

4. Ferragamo shoes, men's model in my size

These shoes were born as a men's model and I had them made to measure for me. They are part of my "daily uniform", where my more tomboyish look is softened and transformed by the jewel I feel like wearing at that moment.

5. Bonaveri Mannequin 

Patient and faithful assistant, companion of long days of work and witness of every phase of my design. Nicknamed "Faustina", this Bonaveri mannequin is a fundamental support for my work which is based on the physical model and its manipulation on the body.

6. Induccion chromatic a doble frecuencia, work by Carlos Cruz Diez, Paris, 2013

Precious gift from my sister Martina on my wedding day. I love the work of Carlos Cruz Diez (1923-2019) and I am fascinated by the language he was able to create: his way of combining geometries and colors to create works that always invite you to look beyond appearance.