Palazzo Butera and the Valsecchi collection

After 14 months from the closure, visitors can now enjoy the curated layout of Palazzo Buttera, a unique experience where the visitor is engaged in a fervent dialogue between the secular past of the building, the contemporary art of the Valsecchi collection, and the many historical works and furnishings.


date and location: from 29 May 2021 - Palazzo Butera, Palermo, Italy

The fascinating eighteenth-century residence in the heart of Kalsa, the Arab neighborhood of Palermo, hosts the collection gathered over forty years by Massimo and Francesca Valsecchi. Antique paintings, furniture ranging from the Italian 17th century to the English Arts & Crafts harmoniously dialogue with museum works by great contemporary artists.

The palace is a collection of marvels: from the root of the large jacaranda in the courtyard on the ground floor, which has been inserted into a channel for the passage of rainwater lined with majolica and now visible through a glass case; to the historical collection of furniture and furnishings that coexists on the second floor with the works of art collected by the Valsecchi family for their gallery in Milan. The collection is housed under a vault frescoed by Gioacchino Martorana (1736-1779) and other masters of the 18th century, and shines along the beautiful terrace overlooking the old port of Palermo.

A unique place to live an eclectic and inimitable artistic experience.

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