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Under the 2021 Christmas tree

A few ideas for those who already feel immersed in the festive Christmas mood and are looking for original gifts to give.

Periods of ups and downs can carry positive aspect with them, and after such a particular year, there is no doubt that from the home point of view, we have witnessed a renewed appreciation for small businesses, for handcrafted products together with the revaluation, in furnishings, of the beautiful things we already own.

From an old armchair in the attic ready to be upcycled, to a toy belonging to our childhood, which we can now give to the little ones, up to unique objects to be rediscovered and revalued, born from the creativity of the designers of the past, we like to think that a sustainable choice is also a way to discover once again how the retro world is absolutely functional and trendy in the contemporary home, and very fun in its ways of adapting to new environments.

Practicality first of all then, because retro furniture and objects already embodied a new idea of ​​functionality during the mid-20th century. So why not give to our loved ones a useful item that save spac,e such as bookends or wall hangers or a tasteful magazine rack: there is a universe of compact object that can contaminate our spaces with great versatility and freshness.

Intended for relatives and friends who are passionate about design, a designer’s vase remains a timeless trends in the hit parade of the most appreciated Christmas gifts: this year the cool hunter is looking for a minimal but still decorative vase, generally of Scandinavian manufacture, which combines pleasant shapes, practicality and lightness. For those friends who are very skilled in organizing a dinner parties like no other, a set of plates decorated with golden decorations and details could be indicated, to be combined with golden cutlery: a touch of celebration on the table, which will surely amaze all guests at the next party.

But if you want to dare and dedicate a unique gift to someone who is truly special and able to appreciate it, you could opt for that indispensable and iconic piece of vintage furniture ... every expert has his favorite! Convenience, comfort, reading and chatting immediately come to our mind, evoked by the enveloping shapes of a lounge chair such as the Eames’...

And when the function of the object meets its fun qualities? The idea of ​​owning a landline phone is back in vogue, even if many of us have almost completely given up on it. For our most original friends, from the whimsical to the nerdy, many of the vintage telephones on the market are perfectly functioning.

Parallel to functional objects, a space dedicated to the gifts emanating decorative and poetic power of certain objects signed by the great masters cannot be lacking in or list: choose a master photograph for collectors and lovers of this discipline, or, staying on the subject of design mixing with art and poetry, go for a post-modern ceramics such as totems, enigmatic and fun and with their surprising colors and chromatic combinations.