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A beige carpet for the Oscars

2023 marked a historic turning point for Hollywood's most glamorous night, the Oscars red carpet. For the first time since 1961, the Academy Awards abandoned the traditional red carpet to roll out a champagne colored 900 meter alternative. What do you think?

Did you know that the tradition of using a red carpet to turn an entrance into a noteworthy event dates back to ancient Greece? Fabrics dyed red were used to welcome victorious armies back from battle and to receive visiting authorities. Over time, this practice spread to other cultures and became associated with royalty and high-level events. 

Later, red carpets also spread to private residences, particularly large houses or palaces. Often used in hallways or stairways, they still add a regal touch to interior design today. Red carpets can be combined with a variety of colors and textures, from rich, dark woods to light, airy fabrics, making them a versatile choice for any design scheme.

The color red thus remains a symbol of power and prestige, and by laying a red carpet, hosts immediately signal to their guests that the occasion is one of great importance. To this day, the use of a red carpet for entrances has thus remained a popular tradition in many countries, from state dinners and royal weddings, to the highly celebrated Oscar night. But it seems that Hollywood itself, with its best-known event, the night of the Academy Awards, wanted to bring a twist. 

Indeed, the 2023 edition struck from the start with an extremely unusual glance: instead of the traditional red carpet, the stars found themselves parading on a champagne-colored carpet. Not the best, according to some, for highlighting the dresses worn, especially those in neutral colors. The idea of pickling a beige carpet, sponsored by the event's curators, including Lisa Love, a journalist for Vogue magazine, was born to transform the appearance of the moment of the stars' entrance  into an evening event. In fact, this year to accompany the beige carpet at the entrance to the Dolby Theatre was also a canopy elegantly covered with orange fabric curtains.

Judging aside, what can we learn from this new trend? First of all, a beige carpet is not recommended in places with  high-traffic, such as entrances. In fact, this color has a tendency to get dirty and show the footprints of those who enter. Secondly, among the qualities of the color beige is also the tendency to downplay  other neutral colors such as white, cream, gray, light pink and a wide spectrum of other pale colors in its all-encompassing beige. 

Thus, for us, choosing a beige rug is not a rejection, but at home it is better to choose it for the living room or bedroom and possibly pairing it with strong color points and voluminous textures. What do you guys think?