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5 tips to create a successful Bed & Breakfast.

Hospitality has silently become a source of income for many. The business usually starts by renting a single room or a small apartment and little by little other environments flourish. The demand is very high, but how can our B&B stand out in the mare magnum of the offers proposed for example on Airbnb?

Do you want to know how to make your hospitality business stand out among the thousands of existing offers?

We strongly believe that investing in good service, unique furnishings and a touch of style is the best way to aim for long-term success. Details make a real difference and taking care of every little thing  is the way to position your activuty in a mid-high price range in order to have a selected clientele.

Some examples?

Imagine organizing a trip to Puglia: would you rather book a room in an anonymous branded hotel where you will be served a continental breakfast, or you prefer to be hosted in a Sicilian family owned Palazzo where in the morning they serve brioche, granita and homemade cake? Probably the price paid will be the same, but in the second case the Sicilian holiday will have a very different flavor.

How to do it?

  1. When you renovate rely on a good architect: it seems obvious, but materials and final touches such as the color of the walls will give character to your rooms and make your B&B unique.
  2. Select a few high quality pieces of furniture: distribute your budget on the essential pieces such as a double bed, a pair of bedside tables with their lights, a desk, a bookcase, a mirror, a colorful piece of wall art. We suggest to mix modern and antique pieces to make your environments homy and charming. You will have time to add decorative objects or other pieces over time.
  3. Make great photos and publish them alongside detailed descriptions on the various online platforms: we guarantee that a good image makes a difference. If you have a photographer friend, ask him to help you or try to find a young photographer online, possibly one that is specialized in interiors: it will be a great investment.
  4. Organize an impeccable service for the delivery of keys and cleaning. If this happens to be a second job for you, today you can count on many companies specialed in room service, let them support your in the B&B  daily routine.
  5. Introduce yourself to the guests and leave your mark as if you were hosting friends: often finding a couple of snacks, a bottle of water and a mini-guide to the city makes the customer very happy and will get you excellent reviews. Even if we are in the digital age, you can also install a book of signatures in the hall. Here clients will write their goodbye note and ight share some suggestions with you. It will be a pleasant and personal way to greet your customers and get to know more about your service.

By following these guidelines you can be sure of offering a unique accommodation, one that reflects your personalty. Customers will appreciate it, you will receive excellent reviews and likewise you can aim to enter the offer Airbnb Plus, a selection of the best design or high level hospitality rooms.

Finally, remember that publishing your B&B on more online networks gives you a greater visibility. Also think of opening immediately an instagram page to attract further customers and improve your reputation.