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Game 16 Animali by Enzo Mari for Danese, 1957, limited edition


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16 Animali is a modular jigsaw puzzle, a multiple interlocking structure, cleverly created to carve various animal silhouettes from a single rectangular board of oak wood in one continuous cut. It is one of the best known examples of design applied to children's toys. Edition of 2007, limited to 300 pieces. The creation of this game was influenced, like other of his later works, by his friendship with the designer Bruno Munari, whom he met during the '50s, thanks to Mari's participation in the Kinetic Art group. The game was commissioned to the designer in 1956, by the company Danese, during a period in which Mari was engaged in research and development for the Milanese department store "La Rinascente" in collaboration with his wife Iela, who specialized in visual perception and communication in early childhood. While studying Scandinavian wooden toys, Mari was fascinated by the idea of creating a menagerie of animals distinguished by a single line. Strongly influencing him were the rigorousness of rationalist thought as well as fundamental aspects of Gestalt psychology. He aimed to create a minimalist design that would incorporate maximum meaning with minimum components, essentially drawing inspiration from naturalistic forms and transforming them into symbols.

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