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13 Etchings by Francesco Londonio, 18th century

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16 pieces: 15 framed etchings by Francesco Londonio + 1 catalogue. The dimensions refer to the drawings, those of the frames not available. 13 etchings: Shepherd boy with flute - 1 state - 18x23; Spinner at a bow - 1 state - 18x23; Donkey with her baby, a dog and a farmer - 1 state - 18x23; Boy on a donkey leading a flock - 1 state - 18x23; Two Peasant Women: one milking a goat, the other with an amphora - 1 state - 18x23; Sleeping shepherd, two bulls and a peasant woman - 1 state - 18x23; Seated shepherd with a bull and a bullock - 1 state - 20x27; Seated old man pouring a drink from a pumpkin - 1 state - 20x27; Shepherd with stick and peasant girl with child - 1 state - 17x13; Shepherd boy with flock - 1 state - 20x27; Shepherd resting near a laden horse - 1 state - 13x18; Shepherd showing the direction to a shepherdess - 1 state - 18x24; Shepherdess milking a goat - 1 state - 20x27; --> They have always been framed, hung and are in good condition. They show signs of age. Possible imperfections on the frames. 2 etchings: Interior of a house: woman kneeling with sleeping child - 1 state - 14x18; Seated shepherdess and three rams - 1 state - 18x23 --> have suffered a problem of mould (leakage on the portion of the wall on which they were hung): there is a halo of clean mould on the sleeping child + a small circular hole on the back (thigh) of the ram in the foreground, again due to mould. Possible imperfections on the frames. For this reason I thought to GIFT the possible buyer of these 2 etchings against the purchase of the other 13. 1 catalogue: as a further GIFT in exchange for the purchase of the other 13 etchings.

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