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Art Deco style sideboard by Giuseppe Anzani, 1940s

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Sideboard cabinet with drawers and doors, in cherry wood selection, built with disassembly system, three central compartments, base and top. Excellent quality carpentry. The base unit opens to accommodate an order of lines that widen and close until they widen again to accommodate the body of the cabinet. On the sides there are 4 drawers framed with bronze eyelet in the middle, followed by two doors with three-dimensional half stars supported by a maple fillet giving an exquisite combination with the wood grain. In the central room we have the landscape of Punta San Vigilio on Lake Garda (see photo original landscape similar to inlay), inlaid by Giuseppe Anzani. The inlay, takes up the landscape of the lake like a painting, considering the smallest details from the bricks of the houses, to the folds in the clothes of the character, the foliage, the reflection in the water, shadows and lights. The astonishing and extraordinary mastery in the realization of the work certainly attribute the value of the Maestro's piece which has the signature of the work at the bottom left. The flared floor underneath recalls the architecture of the base and open stain veneer, with a splashback on the back that can be disassembled. Interiors; well finished, they are veneered in oak with a grain that follows all the shelves and identical in the doors. The design can be attributed to Paolo Buffa, who had a continuous collaboration with Giuseppe Anzani, as well as elements such as the architecture of the furniture and the base and half star with 10 three-dimensional points. Giuseppe Anzani during the twenty years from the Thirties to the Fifties, collaborates actively with architects and artists for the production of inlaid panels to be mounted on furniture made on commission. In this case Paolo Buffa but also Giovanni Gariboldi, Ottavio Cabiati, Antonio Cassi Ramelli, Osvaldo Borsani.

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