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Are you wishing to be somewhere else? Find a green project

We bet that right now most of you are dying to be somewhere else. Because of our resilient nature, we offer you a solution that is an entertainment, an aesthetic upgrade for your home and educational as well: investe some of your time to build a new green area in the house, on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden.

But how to do it? First of all get a pen and a piece of paper: identify the area where you intend to place the project and reproduce it by creating a map that includes any furniture or other structural elements.


Depending on your available space and your habits, you can opt for a banana plant, a ficus or maybe a succulent plant, if you already know that it will not be easy for you to water it regularly. Imagine your plant inside a beautiful terracotta vase, wooden or straw pot or simply in a nursery pot covered with jute fabric.

And if there is really little space, you can get a bonsai: these miniature trees are certainly not for everyone, but they are an element that fascinates and at the same time are great accent piece for their unique characteristics. Or maybe you can select a beautiful flower from the orchid family. These delicate plants decorate the house all year round and with their exotic colors convey a hint of elegance and joy to any environment.

You don't have a green thumb? Opt for freshly cut flowers that will allow you to upgrade the look of your living room every week with a touch of color; otherwise you can buy online a bunch of dry flowers and wild branches, such as thistles and pampas grass, which once installed do not need any maintenance.


Spring is about to explode and it's time to plant. Choose a rose perhaps a classic English rose that will give you rich blooms and lots of romance. If you want varieties, opt for bulb plants and you will have continuous colorful blooms: tulips, daffodils, lilies of the valley, crocus, buttercups. To have an evergreen plant on the balcony, you could also select a jasmine or rhyncospermum, which will quickly climb the walls and bloom continuously inebriating you with its sweet scent.

Lately more and more people think about creating a small homemade vegetable garden: start with planting perennial herbs such as sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano. Then choose a sunny area to sow vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, salads. be sure that all these things will brighten your spring and provide healthy meals. 

On the technical side we suggest to use large terracotta pots. Fill them at the base with clay balls to facilitate drainage and then add on plenty of soil. You can choose whether to plant the seeds directly or make one or more seedbeds: plant the seeds and when the seedlings come out transplant them into various prepared pots.


In this case let's imagine that the project is already underway and this is the time to improve it, revisiting some areas. First of all, tidy up: eliminate disturbing elements such as dry wild plants or anything that you don't like at the moment, and think about how to replace them. Always keep in mind the latitude where you are: a handwritten observation and study of the reality that surrounds you will inspire you and will allow you to select local plants and flowers that will not have any blooming difficulty.

Never forget that the garden is a continuation of the house, so keep the same style. For example set a geometric garden dominated by boxwood, English lawn and some flowering areas for a minimalist house; while an English garden for a country house. You want your garden to become a painting you'll never stop looking at, so choose a small number of colours for flowers and plants and keep it neat.

In general you have to be patient and experiment over time. Your ideal garden will come season after season and youe will have leartn a lot from nature. And finally, don't forget to include some furnishing elements such as outdoor furniture in your green area to make the most of your garden. Today, at the time of CoVid 19, there are many nurseries that provide delivery service, intOndo suggests you to buy local to support small entrepreneurs in this very complex phase.