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The silent success of wool

From the Olympic stands, to the high fashion catwalks, but also through vintage stalls and contemporary art installations, knitwear is finally living its golden moment. Nothing new, at least for those of us who love original fabrics and vintage atmospheres.

It will be remembered as one of the most significant moments of the 2020 Olympics (held in Tokyo in 2021 due to the pandemic), and it's not a photo finish, nor a shot that captures the joy of a medal, we are talking about the image of the British athlete Tom Daley who between one race and another relaxes knitting and crocheting woolen threads. The shot went around the world, brilliantly offering an opportunity to break with the sporting canon to which we are all accustomed. And the moment remains memorable not only because it was a man knitting, an athlete who won a gold medal in synchronized diving, but above all because the great protagonist of the scene was her, wool, one of the most traditional materials in the world and a vintage style bastion.

In an interview, and especially on his social channels, Tom Daley recalled how working with needles helped him to obtain his first Olympic medal, offering him moments of relaxation that contributed to his mental stability. Yarn thus becomes as fondamental as training... confirming that the knit-mania, a trend that exploded during the 2020 lockdown season, continues undaunted, bringing wool back into vogue in its various combinations. 

The fashion world is no exception and on the catwalks tricot tops go crazy, clearing customs on grandma's handmade sweater in favor of a sexy and timeless look. Even art does not seem to be indifferent to this trend: the Pino Pascali Foundation brings to the forefront the important work of restoration of the Tela di Penolope, a work of 1968 that represents the perfect encounter between the industrial world and natural reality. Made with a steel wool canvas woven using a craft technique typical of southern peasant society, the work is a celebration of the art of knitting.

And speaking of Nature, people in Rome will certainly have noticed the installation of Accademia Aracne in the Parco dei Daini at Villa Borghese, where some tree trunks have been dressed with a "high neck" made from custom woven colored knits. A real eye-catcher for visitors, who for once did not need much explanation to understand the work, and found themselves directly projected into the imagination of the past, where the most beautiful things were made at home just for the purpuse of killing time in the most perfect way.  

And what about the world of design? Woollen fabrics, perhaps in Casentino boiled wool or oriental wool, are a must: for years contemporary design maisons have been delighting us with patchwork chairs, lampshades with maxi weaves and fiber ottomans with a postmodern look. If you want something really original, just look at our selection of seats and you will wonder among tweeds, quilted patterns or boucle sofas. Don't miss our catalog of vintage carpets, where you can appreciate every shade obtained from the skilful weaving of this extraordinary material. 

Wool has quietly overtaken the sesonal trend offering a balanced and durable element to give any room the right touch of vintage charm and contemporary glamour.