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From the sea to your home: seashells between modern look and DIY

Don't think we are only following the recent fashion trends, or that we want to go hand in hand with the summer season, today we want to talk about seashells especially because we think that they are the symbol of how the house, even that of a small creature, can and should be beautiful and refined. Here are a few tips on how to bring a little sea decor to your home.

At least once in your life, while walking by the sea, you might have spotted in the sand a beautiful shell. If it was intact, perhaps you took it home with you.


Don't get me wrong, we don't want to talk about the shabby-chic look or how to give your home a marine touch, but rather we want to think about reuse, intOndo greatest passion, of which nature is the best teacher.


This season's magazines are full of images of beach houses, of interiors with a marine look and with a myriad of elements typical of the coast, both Mediterranean and Oceanic. But, the question that always arises is: what space can corals, shells and rope lamps find in our homes? Do they make any sense out of season? For us the answer is absolutely yes. Especially shells, because they remind us that any shelter, of any size, and intended for any living creature, can be beautiful and must be refined.


So let's think about how to include shells in our home's decor: not only those collected on the beach, but also how to find space to include some sea shapes in our environments to remind us of the natural instinct to embellish our homes and make them cozy. An example of such instict is given by octopuses who decorate their lair's entrance with shells, corals and algae collected from the sea bed. We therefore welcome shells attached to mirror frames, like Fornasetti's, or for a baroque and more modern look, let's paint them with a blu or gold spray and put them in the middle of the table or on a stand. Otherwise chose to display shells already assembled, following a much loved tradition dating as back as the 16th century. A beautiful transparent vase placed on a shelf or on a table at the entrance can also be a way to bring a piece of sea into your home.


If you are not interested in do-it-yourself, then think about including in your home decor some shell-shaped glass elements, some shaped vases or maybe some wall lamps reminiscent of sea drops and corals. There is something for everyone and we can assure you that when you look at these objects, even out of season, you will re-experience the joy of discovering a shell by the sea.