Art Deco bookends in different types of marble, 1930s


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A particular and original pair of French marble bookends made in pure Art Deco style, their design is essential, characterised by classical and symmetrical forms, with clear geometries and plasticity in the figures. They were handmade in France between 1930 and 1932 in the town of Mondelange in the Moselle department in the Grand Est region, where there were workshops for the artistic working of marble. Their distinctive element and their uniqueness are the three types of marble that the craftsmen used: the "Verde Alpi" was used for the rectangular base, this marble has a dark green background with an infinite number of light and dark shades and white veins that characterise and distinguish it; it is the marble that has one of the most beautiful shades of green in the world; this type of marble has been quarried since ancient times in Val d'Aosta (Italy), in the Western Alps and was used in the construction of the Santa Maria Novella Station in Florence in 1848; the supports with the curved back and glued together were made, the narrowest one with the marble Rosalia Lucido, which has a very delicate creamy white background crossed by a more or less dense pattern of red or orange veins in the form of arabesques, it comes from the quarries of Turkey, but the finishing and polishing is done in the area of Carrara (Italy), it is a marble known since ancient times by the peoples of the Black Sea, the Phoenicians first and then the Romans made it known and appreciated by the people of the Mediterranean; For the other, larger support, a very special variety of Rosso S. Agata from Sicily was used. For the other larger support a very special variety of Rosso S. Agata di Sicilia was used, a beautiful Italian marble with red-brown colour variations with important whitish veins, which was used to embellish the fantastic Cathedral of Monreale (Sicily-Italy). The bookends are in good condition.

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