6 objects for a portrait of Laura Cucchi de Alessandri, Lissoni & Partners

A career spent in one of Italy's most renowned architectural firms is reflected in the highly personal choices for home furnishings made by Laura Cucchi de Alessandri, Project Manager at Lissoni Graphx Milano. Her technical eye invites us to look at what is hidden behind 6 objects of design and good craftsmanship.

Ph. Veronica Gaido

Whether it's work or personal life, the point of view of Laura Cucchi de Alessandri, young Project Manager at Lissoni Graphx Milano, is never trivial. Her words, as well as her interior design choices, reflect a certain practicality and are full of irony. Today Laura tells intOndo's readers a bit about herself through 6 design objects chosen for her Milanese home, pieces that combine high design and cosmopolitan origin and tell original stories of savoir-faire.


This small revolving bookcase was designed to be a table piece, however, I have always placed it on the floor using it as a small side table. I saw it every day on my way to the studio, passing by the windows of a beautiful store in the center of Milan, and after some time it became mine! Perfect piece for my attic! Bottega Ghianda is a real cabinet maker workshop made of pure craftsmanship talent in the province of Lecco, Italy.

2. BOLLE bottles (VENINI) - TAPIO WIRKKALA design 1980-89, incalmo blown glass

I love these two bottles from the Bolle series by Tapio Wirkkala, they are particular for their combination of colors executed with the incalmo technique. One day I dropped one of them and it shattered into a thousand pieces, the glass is very light indeed. My dream is to once see the complete series in my library.


It is a brilliant idea to make a three-legged coffee table look like a stork, including the neck and beak!




4. EAMES HOUSE BIRD (VITRA) - black lacquered oak wood, 1952

The story of this bird is amusing: started out as a birdcatcher this piece was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Eames from an Illinois craftsman and became famous for ending up in an advertisement shot. A birdcatcher can always be useful, even in a living room in Milan. Isn't it?



5. HAND-PAINTED FURNITURE - Nepalese manufacture, 2007

In the summer of 2007 I took a three-week backpacker trip to Nepal, this little piece of furniture caught my eye because of the details of the decoration and that strange metal clasp that allows you to open 4 small doors. I didn't know how to transport it to Milan and worried that it would be damaged on the plane ride. Every day I added a layer of cardboard to the packaging until it became huge. Once I got home it took me forever to unpack it.

6. CUBES SPIACCICATI - ANTONINO SCIORTINO, painted and handmade baked iron wire, 2018

This artwork was a Christmas gift we gave each other with my husband. The best thing was to choose them at Antonino Sciortino's workshop, a remarkable artist and former professional dancer from Sicily who moved to Milan years ago. His atelier can blow your mind.