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Christmas Gift Guide

Created to please the design enthusiast, the antique collector, the curious, the art lover and many others, our Christmas mini gift guide is a one-stop resource for finding just the right item for your loved ones. Be inspired by intOndo and give a unique item for your home or that of your loved ones.

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Moodboard / Villa Necchi Campiglio

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and history of Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan.

Moodboard / Let's be kids again!

"There is always some old lady who stares at a kid making scary faces and saying stupid things in informal language: ciccì, coccò and piciupaciù. Usually the children look very sternly at these people who have grown old in vain; they don't understand what they want and go back to their games, simple and very serious games." - Bruno Munari