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Lina Cavalieri: Fornasetti's immortal muse and 20th century icon

We have all seen her at least once, but who knows her story? Lina Cavalieri is one of the most iconic faces of the 20th century, an immortal beauty who was an inspiration to Fornasetti, who made her his most famous muse. Let's find out together how this collaboration came about and how successful it is, even today.

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Vintage lasts forever

«This is nobility for me: non-obviousness, attention to detail, intelligent economy» - Umberto Riva, architect and designer.

Moodboard / Marie Antoinette

"In idleness, in dreams, the submerged truth sometimes comes to the surface" Virginia Woolf, writer

Moodboard | Reorganization time

«My nature is inclined to contemplation» - Giorgio Morandi, artist.