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Oil on canvas The Conversion of St. Paul with wooden frame, 17th century


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Antique Italian painting from the 17th century. Oil painting on canvas depicting a religious subject by an excellent painterly hand, the Conversion of St. Paul. Saul, lying on the ground after falling from his horse on the road to Damascus, is blinded by the light coming from the figure of Christ in heaven, surrounded by beautiful angels. Divine grace has struck him and will transform him from a persecutor of Christians to an apostle. A painting of exceptional size, fabulous decoration and great impact, for antique dealers, interior decorators and collectors of ancient sacred art. A work full of dynamism characterised by the presence of numerous characters and prancing horses. A painting of excellent depth and interesting perspective, in the background we find an ideal representation of Damascus. The painter was undoubtedly inspired in some elements by Michelangelo's Conversion of Saul, the great fresco in the Pauline Chapel in St. Peter's. Michelangelo's influence is also evident in the musculature of the characters in the foreground (see photo). The antique, non-coeval, large, scenic frame in lacquered and gilded carved wood is fabulous. Painting that has undergone conservative restoration, re-staining, frame replacement and colour restoration in some places (see photo). Light painting H 125 x W 192 cm.

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